How to jump into the space of uncertainties


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Hi Nuno,

I am so impressed with you seeing 20 clients a day.

Would you please share with the group how to attact the many clients and how you are able to perform 20 CoRe evaluations in a day?

Thank you so much.

Tony Mullen

Dear Friends and CoRe System Users,

Many people ask me what is my secret about working with the CoRe or how it’s
possible to have so many clients in a list or even how we can manage to see 57 people in ONE day (our record).

Well, first of all, I see CoRe like one extension of all our senses, the five and more senses that are difficult to explain. When I say
that people ask me:

“And how do we do this?” Well, the first thing we need have is
faith. Then they ask: “But isn’t this system scientific? How can
science discuss faith?” Let’s look differently at these questions.
Is it possible to treat scientifically the poetry? Science and poetry
refer to distinct levels of human experience.
There’s no conflict between them because science is about facts and
faith about feelings. The conflicts appear when religious people think that
sacred texts are scientific, when they think they are real reports of facts that have really happened. Is the virginal born a fact or poetry? If it’s a fact it’s lost in the past. If it’s poetry it’s eternal for everybody.

We can start saying that using the Core is like creating poetry for the body.

It’s very important  to separate faith from religion.
Religion it’s an attempt to put a bird into a cage. Faith is to love the
bird in its flight. Religion are institutions.

It’s possible to be an
“employee” of a religion- priest, pastor, rabbi– without having faith.

Then things don’t work. Sometimes to keep faith it’s
important to accept the loneliness that lives out of religion. I mean that if you must find your loneliness with CoRe you don’t need to know the way other people work.

When I start one therapy I’m in the same position of a person who is going to jump with a parachute in an empty space, we both need to have faith.

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Our friends A&J

Don’t question. If in that moment I try to understand why the wing flies, I will certainly

Faith is not to believe in people from another world, angels,
sky, hell and even God. Faith it’s an attitude towards life, it can’t be described with words. With this confidence we jump to the uncertainties. Who has certainty doesn’t need faith.

My friend Kiran says many times that the CoRe System is a spiritual tool and I would like you to
realize that what he says is so true.


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    • Hi Nuno,

      Thank you so much for taking time from your very busy schedule for your excellent explanation and I feel much more comfortable and competent now.:)


  1. Dear Nuno,

    I have had recent experience with the work of you at our Symposium in Oslo in June 2009.
    To meet with you Nuno is a “multilevel” experience and very pleasant. One of the interesting things about your way of working with CoRe is that you are capable of using your intuition and intent to have CoRe produce good results (as I understand it you also guide CoRe in resonant frequency mode depending on what you want to treat right?). That this is possible should not be a shock to anyone who knows about the research at Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program where they have proved that human intent can influence random processes in machines. I really liked sentence about CoRe being and extension of all our senses. CoRe is built to be an interface with our intent and senses and it is wonderful to see someone (Nuno) that is capable to use it so effectively. That gives me faith that I can help sick people which are my intention. So combine the right intention with the right technology and you can do a lot. Thank you both-J

    • Hi everybody,

      I have been thinking how to describe the CoRe in a simple way to my clients and I came up with the idea of I referring to a concert.
      What touches you most during a concert?
      the songs:ususally just that one word or sentence catches you (iformational therapy/resonance). Then the music (nothing else than frequency/sound therapy ) and the light effects (nothing else than the plasma generator)
      So having a consult with me is having your own concert of life.

      best whishes

      • Thanks Yolanda, that is a really moving description.
        The mundane questions that my left-brain throws up, is that the poetry and the concert are lovely descriptions, and I could see you explaining things that way when you have someone with you – but how do you describe what you do to people who might be interested in your work? I know we are involved with healing on a spiritual level, but Nuno looks after a football team, and I work with runners – they all want to know “Can you help me fix my hamstring/whatever and get me back in the game?” I really don’t know (yet) what I’m going to say to them.

        • Hi Simon,

          I have described the CoRe many ways to many people, and I don’t start always like this. As you say this description does not resonate with “tough guys”(although I have seen different). So every client resonates with an other description of how the CoRe works(isn’t that what the CoRe is all about?). I would like to hear how other therapist explain the CoRe in simple words,that would be nice to know. I don’t treat football teams or runners because I don’t resonate with that. And you are right, why bother to explain if they don’t care, just say you have someting new and it works great and it’s innovative, left brainers love that and it is hooked up to a computer so it must be science, right?

          Best whishes,