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The CoRe system is used by a variety of professionals from Massage Therapists to Medical Doctors and many others in between.   It is also purchased for personal use and use with family and friends.  The information that follows is intended to help you decide at what level to start with the CoRe system and how to become a certified and successful practitioner.   The steps are actually short and simple and we hope that this helps guide you in this exciting new phase in your practice.   This document was prepared by Sonia Jaramillo with important input from John Gilbert.


1. Choose the CoRe system configuration that best suits your needs:

CISCoRe Informational System – to analyze and balance informationally with complete database of 100,000 items grouped into various modalities.  This is suited for long distance balancing and as an introduction to informational medicine.

S1 CoRe Basic Energy System – adds the ability to reinforce your balancings with imprinted remedies which can extend the benefit of your session and increase client compliance.  It adds Organ balancing with 3-D pictures and biofeedback frequencies with sound.  We recommend this configuration as a minimum for professional use.

S2 – CoRe Advanced Energy System – has all elements from previous configurations and adds the Health Navigator to balance with electricity via the gold hand electrodes, 8000 frequencies for 1100 conditions, the resonant frequency program and dual channel technology to create more Dynamic Labile Equilibrium for energetic healing.

2. Training – Participate in our Basic Training

The CoRe system is easy to learn.  Users can access our weekly live online training sessions or the recorded sessions.  A few sessions and lots of practice is what you need to get up and running in less than 2 weeks.  You can use our educational CDs and DVDs that come with your purchase and learn from our Frequently Asked Questions at

3. Become certified.  Please see the detailed information that follows.  Check the website for in-depth information.

4.  Promote your Practice

  1. Get listed in our Practitioner’s Listing page in our website or to attract business    your way.  We will send you inquiries for practitioners in your area. A nice picture and descriptive paragraph of what you do, your city and email address are required.
  2. Access our free promotional materials in electronic format: sample brochures, 1 page flyers, Informational for Your Clients brochure and more.
  3. Users new to the field have often developed associations with other natural health care practitioners.  They can offer their services to a practitioner and his/her staff at a reduced fee in order to become known and then get referrals.
  4. You can advertise your services in websites and chat rooms dealing with energy medicine, energetic therapy, energetic analysis, bioenergetic therapy, new age medicine, magnetic field therapy, light therapy, bioresonance, radionics, Rife, electrodermal screening, frequency therapy, informational medicine.
  5. Work with friends and family and collect testimonials to put in your promotional materials.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement.
  6. Consider attending fairs and health expositions to do mini-sessions and draw a clientele.
  7. Earn referral commissions of 5% to 10% if you send interested parties to us or demonstrate the system to potential buyers.


If you are already certified by an accredited certification board, the chances are you will need further certification unless you are certified in bioenergetics or biofeedback. Legally, the CoRe Inergetix is not a bioenergetics or biofeedback device in North America because it is not a medical device. But you could use it as a non-medical device under such certification.

If you are certified by a non-accredited certification board, it would be wise for you to become certified by an accredited board. Not many agencies accept non-accredited certification. The cost of insurance is much higher for practitioners who are not certified by an accredited certification board. Licensed practitioners cannot legally work with you or use your services unless you are certified by an accredited board. If you have any questions, contact the Temple Director (


Anybody interested in spiritual healing with the CoRe Inergetix may join the Temple of AIM at no cost. The Temple offers excellent and economical training to become licensed by an accredited spiritual healer licensing board including the Temple of AIM. For more information see


    Some people ask what a CoRe session may look like.  To give you an idea, here is one example:

    The process of working with the client and your CoRe system is really very simple.  Use the CoRe system to get to the underlying issues affecting the client’s condition.

    1. Enter the client’s name, date of birth, place of birth and photo (optional).
    2. Enter symptoms as the client describes them, avoiding disease labels.  The symptoms or filters can be physical, mental or emotional issues, they can be questions or even wishes.
    3. Analyze those filters using any group in the database.  There are 100,000 items in the database grouped by modality, from nutrition, pathogens to homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, emotions, affirmations and more.   Use the Module Selection screen to simplify the process and let the system guide you to the screens you can focus on.
    4. The results are shown in percentages; these are the resonant items for the client that contribute or are the underlying causes of the client’s condition.  You can explore all areas of the database, as much as you need in order to get a picture of what is important.
    5. At the end, you can do a re-evaluation of all the results to summarize all your findings and get to the 10 most important items that you can use to balance the client.
    6. Balancing is done by communicating the results at long distance, imprinting the remedies into a physical substance like a bracelet or a bottle of water and/or by setting up an automatic communication for a period of time, either continuously or periodically.
    7. You can also use the Organ Balancing program to open up body systems or simply balance parts that need it.
    8. You can then access the energetic part of the system to balance with sound, electricity, light or magnetism.  You can use RIFE frequencies for approx. 1100 disease conditions and you can also Resonant and Biofeedback Frequencies that are specific to the client in the context of the symptoms entered.
    9. You can end your session with a few minutes of EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) taking some of the affirmations or concepts that resonated with the client during the session.

    This whole session can take as little as 40 min to 60 min. depending on what you do and what the client needs.

    I hope this gives you an idea.  There are many other ways to work with CoRe such as long distance analysis and balancing, doing mini-evaluations, focusing on the informational part or the energetic part at alternating appointments and more.

    Thank you for your interest in the world of Information and Energy


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    1. Dear Sonia,
      Thank you very much for this very comprehensive and valuable post. I just wanted to add some practical issues for people who work with the CoRe in general.
      It is necessary to understand, that apart from the “technical” know how about how to use the system, customers (read: practitioners) absolutely need to be aware of the fact that without some thorough research regarding the target issues when working with people, farms, organizations etc… it is impossible to do accurate work.
      We have encountered this problem so often, also with clients using other systems. People think that they can delegate every problem solving issue to the radionic instrument, which is not the correct way to obtain good results-
       Therefore we suggest anyone wanting to use the CoRe correctly, to use this standard check list:
      The target object (land, farm, animal, human being etc…) should completely be situated within both time and space. It is comparable with a flight in a hot air balloon. If you fly over an area without a map, and without any reference points, you soon get lost, especially if you don’t have the right navigation aids used in aviation. You don’t go anywhere from there, the only thing you can do is to land asap. Without orientation or “mapping”, you never will even guess what the main problems are.

      What is really going on in the information field? Who’s involved? What is the situation today? What are the treats? Which are the various visions? Which are the underlying connections, and what are their interactions?   Therefore you can use the CoRe expert system, and delegate some analyses work in order to find out what the real situation is, in other words to find out what the objective reality is (and not the subjective one we see, hear, feel or smell).
      The mission of a radionic intervention needs to be very specific and concrete. Very important are the goals that need to be quantified and updated after regular evaluation meetings. The targets must fit into the goals of the target subject. Setting up a realistic time frame is very important.  
      Defining an efficient execution strategy implies: creativity, preparation work, gathering of information, studying the various issues, a lot of questioning, regular adjustments, testing, re starting and experimenting. Of course, every practitioner has his own approach, but it should be structured (which is not always the case).
      We often encounter very good practitioners, with a good track record of excellent results, but with a complete administrative chaos, that some of them were forced out of business. Even if we don’t like it, but even simple customer files are obsolete… We, as radionic practitioners need to survive for the benefit of our customers, so controlling remains an important issue.
       Willy De Maeyer