Informational Healing for Real Estate

I love the way that the forum is coming together now. Thanks for it.
I struggled with CoRe 5.0 because i was new and the book had not been
written yet. Everything changed every time and my head was constantly
spinning. I tried sooo hard to get it right. Now i have surrendered,
Whenever anything is a struggle, i write a little e-mail to Pat and
she sets me in the right direction to the answer. Easy.
For me, the words SURRENDER and ALLOWING are key.
Throughout my spiritual practice SURRENDER has been
hard because it imples a giving up because one can not
do something when it is actually an ALLOWING of God’s
I now am not struggling to share but i share by not struggling.
CoRe is on Divine time and so am i.
I have attached a real estate experience.
I never did hear back from you about the Core prayers that
i wrote but i hope that you enjoyed them.
Adding Prayer to Surrender and allowing accelerates the whole process.
May the God Most High continue to Bless You,  the CoRe
system and each and every practitioner AND SO IT IS.
Rev. Mike Wanner
Circle of Miracles Minister
Philadelphia, PA

Spiritual Healing for Real Estate

Real Estate buyers and sellers are very powerful people who bring their issues to the process. Their power is in their action and in their thinking about the possibilities.

They are impacted by fear, prejudice, erroneous thinking and their emotional triggers that

bias their view when they are trying to be objective.

We are at a time in our society when all the impediments to the process need to be overcome for the highest good of all. The main problem that we now face is limited thinking motivated by fear. If we stop thinking about fear and clearly pursue well thought out goals, our country will be able to rise again sooner than otherwise. Don’t forget that Time is Money.

Here is what I did. Like a lot of investors, I went full speed into creating my own problem by missing the timing. I bought my biggest investments right before the crest and I held on too long. Sooooo, I wound up being property heavy and cash lean.

And I waited to long to act but I did act. I finally decided that I needed to sell one of my largest properties. I decided to market at a price that would get attention and then I also applied Spiritual Healing Techniques and Technology. I focused on everything and everybody. I did spiritual Healing for:

1. Me and my thinking.

2. Each property I wanted to sell.

3. The Universe of Investors.

4. The Universe of Realtors.

I received an Agreement of Sale on one property that I thought would give me

sufficient cash to solve all my immediate problems.

I had an awakening when I realized that property was one of two that were used to collateralize my Line of Credit. When I went to the bank and asked that they release that property they said that they would be happy to as long as all proceeds went to the Line of Credit. I left settlement from the Sale of an ocean front property with lunch money.

When I left the settlement table, the second property was free and clear. Banks were not lending on Seasonal property so I did spiritual Healing for:

1. Me and my thinking.

2. The property I wanted to sell.

3. The Universe of Investors.

4. The Universe of Realtors.

My thinking changed. It was time to change hats and become the banker so

I offered 70% seller financing and I have an agreement of sale within a month.

If you are down, look up and pray to your God for the help you need. Let go of the idea of what you want. God knows what you NEED. Let Go and Let God. Use the PUSH principle. PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS. For ideas on prayer techniques check out website number one below. For Stress and Spiritual Healing, check out the others. My websites:




May you be a blessing to others and be blessed in the process.

Rev. Mike Wanner


Different Believe-Systems

Different Believe-Systems

Kiran’s Reply :

Mike titled his contribution “Spiritual Healing for Real Estate” which I changed to “Informational healing…..” because in the USA particularly as in the world in general the understanding has been lost of the difference between Informational – Spiritual, Information versus Consciousness. You can make a new church based on any new information you come up with, just like recently someone got his Footbath-Church registered that claims in his church the use of HIS footbath is his way of religious service.

Certainly Mike would be very successful, particularly now if he opened his Real-Estate-Church as there are many who have lost all faith in the eternal durability of the REAL ESTATE.

God, the eternal, the Tao, the one before the beginning, that which is outside of duality, the unthinkable, the un-imaginable, the source and the destination, the hologram has of course nothing to do with the prayers that some make to not loose the money that they put in any speculation BUT it is the DLE that this speculation and any gambling produces that after many lifetimes brings one closer and closer to NON-DUALITY, not by looking down on it or up to anything else but by going beyond the different forms of “infinite loops”.

Lets leave the spiritual side for some more advanced lessons. Mikes example is a good analogy in which way we usually misunderstand healing in general and healing with the CoRe system in particular. CoRe is not a way to find out the next best speculation object, the next lottery numbers or where to dig for gold.

CoRe is a tool to find were connections in the informational matrix are either too weak or over-emphasized, the first means isolation/ unawareness/ hypo-sensitivity/ immune deficiency and the other means identification/ addiction/ autism/ hyper-sensitivity/ allergy.

CoRe does this by finding the polar-components, and this is necessary to again reestablish potential/ voltage/ gradient/ difference that is the basis for any flow/ change/ life.

In a healthy environment that is not based on informational mono-culture the environment does this all the time by confronting us with the different  foods we eat or the impressions we absorb with our senses and particularly by the many different people we communicate with. However when the environment looses variety and we live in a world were something becomes pre-dominant the DLE possibility is suffering and we have to either get sick to make the changes or get some informational DLE via CoRe….. and hopefully make the changes …. without the pain of sickness. (otherwise CoRe can just be as palliative as Homeopathy or Allopathy) .

Monocultures can exist in every respect, Mc Donalds just as well as the american believe systems that have led and  will lead to the sicknesses that are coming up.

Believe no matter what they are will make sickness necessary, to introduce the necessary DLE to come out of stagnation, the informational loops that they always imply.  Believe is necessary on the other hand, to live it is the basis for life, it is the stabilizing force in life, but the trick is to use believe temporarily as a tool and not as an end in itself.


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