How much can we change in the informational matrix


Hi Kiran,
I was watching your video and I would like to
get some more information about WHO or WHAT
is creating this this INFORMATIONAL MATRIX.
For sure your will have some other posts or
you could  reccomend me a book. Thank you.
With CoRe we analyse and modify that matrix,
so we change that matrix and do actively interfere.
Do we not act then as mentioned in The Secret,
because we interact and modify ?
Here a simple example: if we would like to earn
more money, we use that in our filter in CoRe
“I want to get more money” and then we get the
remedies, and do communicate them. So it seems
that we change the informational matrix so that we
finally get more money. And so we managed to get
that what we wanted – more money. And that seems
the same process as in The Secret. With the help of CoRe.
I have seen many miracles since I am using CoRe. I have
seen how people change, how I did change and the people
arround me. It is strange sometimes, because I do not
undestand how it works in detail, even if I do understand
the basic principles.
It is really a great machine you have developed.
Greetings from Brighton,
Thank you very much,
warmest regards
Tino Orlando
holistic naturopath & primal psychotherapist
health analysis and rebalancing
T: 0044 – 798 361 8674

Kiran’s reply

Hi Tino,
great that you have so much
benefit from CoRe, and not only
for the treatment of your patients
but at the same time for your own life.

Your question is very good and really the
most important question for every human being
and for all cultures.

you wrote :
“With CoRe we analyse and modify the matrix,
so we change that matrix and do actively interfere.
Do we not act then as described in The Secret,
because we interact and modify ?”

All dogmas from cultures and religions are simplifications
which try to deactivate DLE – telling the people that just one
pole of the truth is the one and only truth. We have to learn
living and thinking between the poles, this is intelectually called 
Dialectics :

In the cultural sphere of India and Islam, it has been decided
that al life has been predefined by God and all individual initiative
would be worthless or even condemned. The spiritual founders obviously
weren´t that close minded because it was they who changed the run 
of the events.

This view of the world has many advantages. Among other things Indians
will not suffer from depression or suffer from the fact that they are
poor or did not made it to the top, and because God ist the only authority
which could make change possible, god and prayer and sacrifice have a
high degree.

It is so funny that the “Times of India” makes posts  from the once hated “Osho”

of not “Be the Doer” – a message that he intended for the western disciples  but certainly

will make things only worse in India where  the majority has become stuck to the pole

of “Not doing”

The USA culture, which I call USA virus propagated everywhere the opposite:
“You can achieve whatever you want – the only one who could stop you are youself.!
And this means that when things do not happen as you wanted wanted them to, it
is just your fault, because you did not use the principles of “The Secret” in
the right way, or you do just self-sabotage.

And no matter how the americans sometimes seem religious, for them god is just
an option, because god made them in his likeness and gave them the power to manage
their matters on their own – if necessary with atomic bombs.

Both sides are like all dogmas onesided and limited.

In my days when I have been in coma in egypt I understood the principle of DLE
and the CoRe system is a result of that. I don´t know any book which would describe this.

The truth is between this two extremes, but not somewhere in the middle, in a clear defined 
proportion,but always moves between the two sides, depending on the situation.

First you have to understand that you can only change the resonating features. If your
parents wanted you to become a successful banker, but you would not resonate with that,
no power or philosophy of the world would have the possibility to change you, not CoRe
and not “The secret”.

So first you have to find out with CoRe to what you or your client resonates, that
are then the degrees of freedom you have been born with. And then you have the possibility
to intensify these degrees of freedom, therefore facilitate and realize.

The thinking of”All or nothing” are always the thinking-categories of small minded people.



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  1. HeilpraktikerTinoOrlando on

    Thank you very much, Kiran for your answer.

    I would like to make 3 examples of planting a seed:

    1. a 48 old women, divorced, old hippy generation, no children, highly involved in esoteric knowledge seeks fullfilment in growing organic vegetables for giving them to hear highly esoteric friends (before reading the organic gardening book, and “The Secret”, she went once a week to McDonalds and PizzaHut, but now she is on a different “trip” and cannot eat any not by her own grown food anymore). She makes pictures of the seeds, pictures of the ground where she wants to plant the seeds, she gets pictures of nice vegetables and she makes a “dreamboard” with all these pictures.She looks 10 times a day at her dramboard, so that she can visualize and “create” the future for her nice new organic vegetables. She also visualizes how gratefull her friends will be to her when she will give them her own grown organic food as a present. She reads all the books about the Law of attraction and uses all the methods she knows for visualizing.

    2. a forgotten tribe in Africa, where there had been no rain for 2 years, are doing a “rain dance” to get rain so their seeds can grow and they do not have to suffer because they have nothing to eat. (mayby if the USA will invade their country they could get some UN help parcels with food, but they do not even know what the USA is or the UN or “The Secret”, because they have not been discovered by civilization until today). They do special dances to get it to rain, they use special mantras they chant night and day, they use ancient prayers and everything the know, so that finally it will start to rain.

    3. an old retired farmer in southern Spain, plants his seeds. He does it, like he did it for more then 40 years. He does it without thinking. He plants and waits what will happen.  He always says “if God wants, everything will be good, if not, we have to try again”. He has seen years where nothing was growing, because it has been to hot and there has been no water. But he never minded, because all lies in the hand of God. But, he uses all his knowledge he aquired in 40 years of growing. He knows in what distance to put the seeds, how much water to give them, how much shade they need, so he puts a sunprotection over the litle plants. But he does it in a very humble way, out from the knowledge he has from his long years of planting.

    So, all this three examples are using some kind of methods described in “The Secret”. But all on different levels and motivations. For example the humble planter from southern Spain uses all his knowledge he gained from yo much years of experiences, but he never heard of “The Secret”. The same with the tribe in Africa. They use knowledge from their ancient history of their tribe.

    In all 3 examples, people try to manipulate or change the happening of things. But all three with different mind-sets, knowledge and background, but finally they are all doing the same: using methods to change the informational matrix. And if we look in “The Secret” we find a lot of similar practices.

    So I think, that we cannot condemn The law of attraction or methods described in the book or the movie “The Secret”. It depends on how we integrate and what motivation we have.


    Kiran’s comment :

    3 examples of people who are in tune to what they are doing and then put energy into visualizing a beneficial outcome – of course this works – put energy and vision and endurance in what you have in essence and you will very likely realize it

    this is not a Secret – something everyone knows who is creative and in love with what he is doing

    but what the Secret tells people – “What you visualize will come true” no matter if it is the latest BMW or the dream girl of your sexual fantasies – or the next step in you carrier that kills you –

    this is simply nonsense and dangerous

    In the end you can only get what you are intended to get – but this is not something that many westerners can accept

    CoRe helps you to read Coincidences that are the way to connect to the informational Matrix