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I am new to the CoRe System, and I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the
different fields mean when you are running your evaluations? I.E. physical,
energetic, informational, spiritual? I think it would be extremely helpful to
know what those are when evaluating.

Thank you


Hi Barbara

when CoRe evaluates anything it is of course always in the

informational Matix (I will call all of them in the future Matrix as Field too much gives

the wrong association of EXTENSION which is not the case for informational issues )

also if you select “energetic Field”….. what it means that the items that

come up are informationally related to the energetic field ….

These 4 levels are interconnected, complementary but also separate…. and

we usually mix them all in our mind and experience

For example if a person does not like Carots ….. it can be a physical

issue as something in his body

biochemistry cannot cope with some components in the carrot but also and

more often there is an informational reason for example that his mother has always forced him to

eat carrots or one of another 100 possible reasons

In our times we generally search for a biochemical or energetic reason but

of course what CoRe will show to more and more people that the majority of reasons is on the

informational and spiritual level… so for the beginning stay with the default setting of “informational”



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