Interpretation of CoRe Evaluations


Interpretation of CoRe Evaluations

20th century view of the world :  “The field is the result of matter .“ The 21st century will understand that matter and energy is the result of the informational matrix.  The Skalar field is  synonymous to the informational matrix, the morphological field, the space of variations. In order to change the nature of things, energies and people we have to  know how to access the informational matrix. Just affirming and wishing a law of attraction is not enough we have to have tools and concepts how to do so. Every moment has many decrees of freedom more than we may imagine in our boldest dream but they are not unlimited as some naïve teachings as “The secret”  want you to  believe. TO know the possibilities in a given moment is a science that needs techniques to access the “space of variations”.  What a CoRe evaluation is showing are “Resonances”, they are “Your decrees of freedom”, they are not facts but probabilities and possibilities.

HERE is a question for all of you, please comment or make a post about this topic :

1. What is Information ?

2. What is Energy ? and what is wrong with naive definitions like “Energy is the potential to do work ‘”  ?

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  1. Hi Kiran: I understand that the CoRe is revealing “decrees of freedom”, the probabilities and possibilities, why is it that we make the assumption that these decrees of freedom are in line with our betterment and advancement?  Thanks…..Ron

    Good Question
    What I am telling is that we have to understand CoRe results as resonant channels, or “possible choices” that we have. It is simply not the case what they preach in “The secret” that you can “Attract whatever you want ” — far from that — but we have a million times more possibilities then what we dream off — but paradoxically often what we dream about are not our possibilities/ choices/ degrees of freedom but what we have learned/ programmed/ imitated from the world around us.
    So to know our possible personal choices is a big step — but then the “freedom of choice” brings in other challenges that are there to grow…. and nobody not even CoRe or God can take this burden of our shoulders…. as much as we try to have authorities/ religion/ doctors or the media/ fashion decide for us.

    • The probabilities and possibilities must be ever changing and about us at all times of which we act upon with freedom of choice as they present themselves.  What significance does the CoRe play by revealing these probabilities and possibilities and how does the transfer of this information influence us?  Thanks…….Ron

      Kiran’s comment:

      Probabilities and possibilities are different for different people it is simply not as suggested in the “American dream” of which “The secret” is just a bestselling reprint that “You can do what you want to attract… that the dishwasher can become the hotel owner a.s.o.”

      We have a freedom of choice that we either develop with right habits or that we let atrophy with defective ones that we have learned from our environment. We dream that we have the “power of attraction” to have what we want but then we do the same things every day again and again and that way solidifying our inability for change.

      We have to be aware of and change little things consistently to open this devils circle. For example in every seminar I notice that almost without exception people sit on the same seat at the end of the second day as when they sat down for the first time the day before.

      People reserve their chair on the beach without using it and get totally upset if someone does not “honor” this.

      We are trained to believe that we are free and creators of our world and this goes on unchallenged usually as long as we do not leave our own cultural environment… but if one travels a lot one can see that in each culture people value, reinforce and suffer from informational forces that they have never started to challenge in a constructive way, which means to be open to change without blame or explain.

      The was a very inspired attempt to show that our cultural myth are repeating over and over again under different names…. but then the addendum showed that the makers do not have an idea what is the true cause of all this misery

      ….. and they went into the old trap to imagine some conspiracy that wants to keep us slaves… and that this was not necessary as their are resources enough for all…. but tell this to someone who occupies his beach chair with a towel or does not want to share his beach property with some visitors….. naive naive naive