Have you ever wondered how this world came into being or how it turned into what it is today? It is perfectly natural to question your existence. This is how your mind is carved to be – inquisitive, curious and thirsty for knowledge! However, more often than not, people settle for definitions that are a small speckle of the big picture.

When you meet a good old friend unexpectedly while shopping or eating out, you feel elated and excited. You’d reach out to hug the person and chat away like time has suddenly become insignificant. It would take considerable nagging and pulling to get you out of your state of trance – but that is just the way it is with people you like

On the other hand, consider you came across an old foe in the same setting. For whatever reason it may be but let’s consider you did not get along well with this particular individual. Naturally, your response to this accidental meeting wouldn’t be anything like the previous one. If anything, you would get awkward, angry, probably a little offish and avoid being seen!

Apparently, similar stimuli can create different emotions and outcomes. It is all about those intangible and inexplicable senses popularly known as feelings. These are little packets of information created by your brain and signaled to all parts of your body. So you are capable of responding accordingly.

To this point, it is all fun and games. However, here is the real twist to the story!

Your “feelings” have an energy value. This may be defined as positive energy or negative energy. Quite clearly, the positive one is when you feel happy. This is when your internal energy is in a state of flux!

It is not just you who possesses energy and is capable of emitting it. Every other person is as much of an energy source as you. In fact, this world is a complex blend of energies that constantly superimpose, reinforce or annihilate each other.

These energies can be used to alter your physical, mental and spiritual state. In this world where diseases are in abundance and problems of all sorts are surfacing rapidly, these energies can be used to instigate a wholesome healing process. It is perfectly natural with zero side effects! A great number of people have already transformed their lives and achieved true remedy from their problems.

The underlying principle that brings about the healing process is based on entanglement. How do you define entanglement and how can it help eliminate material and immaterial problems? The answers to all your questions are contained in here and will be delivered in due time. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this novel approach to medicine, health and healing!


Defining Entanglement

Simply put, “entanglement” can be defined as an “interaction”. This phenomenon can be applied to a number of concepts and interactions occurring around the world. The bottom line is the same; when things interact, a certain change is brought about which may have positive results or negative ones.

At this point, it feels important to introduce you to another not-so-novel concept – the concept of equilibrium. The environment around us remains in a state of equilibrium which makes life possible. Equilibrium does not really necessitate the absence of an interaction – it simply means the interaction is well-balanced. To further clarify this concept, here is an everyday example that will help you relate with the concept.

If you are one of the coffee or tea fans, you might be able to relate with this example in a better way. So you’ve just entered the coffee/tea shop to order your drink. As you breathe in the rich aroma emanating from other people’s drinks, your own cup arrives. It smells fresh and it feels distinctively hot. Here is the thing, no matter what you do with your cup – whether you enjoy it within the restaurant premises or you head off to your office as you might be running late already – your drink will eventually turn cold. Ever wondered why?

The concept of Equilibrium is to be blamed for this! Even though it would be loads better if you would just drink up your coffee or tea before this theory has the chance to create mischief with your hot beverage, no one can really deny that forgotten cup which took several hours of work and fatigue to be discovered. What exactly is going on during this period? Can this be stopped?

Equilibrium signifies an exchange taking place between the beverage and the environment. The environment is a lot cooler than the beverage, so it absorbs heat from the drink in order to reach a neutral point. Your drink, on the other hand, acts like an all-giving kindred spirit who reciprocates the action till it has nothing more to give. The result – your beverage goes cold.

An important observation in this regard is this; if you are sitting in a super chilled room, your cup of coffee or tea will not only cool rapidly, it will do so possibly to a greater degree than any other case. Likewise, if you are sitting in a warmer place, the cooling process will be slower. The extent of extremes also impacts on where the equilibrium lies. Equilibrium is not an absolute term – it depends largely on the environmental factors!

This brings us to the more important part; can it be stopped? Is there a way to reverse this relationship so your drink stays warm all the time till you’ve consumed the last dreg? Till date, fortunately or unfortunately, this hasn’t been discovered yet. Nevertheless, you can always use the microwave oven to reheat your leftovers if you really like it hot!

Every entity in this world interacts with others present here. Like your coffee interacts with the air, your body interacts with the environment as well. The only thing different is “how”. If you consider the physical environment in and around you, it can definitely explain the tan, the wrinkles, the acne (if any), and so on and so forth. But there are other dimensions to this world which attempt to explain the unexplainable.

Beyond the materialistic dimension, there exists a world in which immaterial entanglements occur. These exchanges cannot be seen or heard – they are merely felt by those who are extremely sensitive to it. Everyone cannot recognize their existence in this dimension. Those few who do usually understand “life” more clearly and more dynamically than anyone else!

Right in the beginning of this eBook, there was a statement “This world is a complex interaction of energies”. This sentence aims to highlight one important aspect – it is not merely a transfer or one-sided exchange; it is an ongoing process that is happening all the time come what may. For the most part, you do not have any active control over this interaction or entanglement. It occurs in your subconscious (or unconscious as some experts would like to refer to it) and you don’t really recognize how or when it is occurring. It nevertheless defines your life as you are currently living it and as you are likely to be living it in the near future.

Entanglement is a popular concept of quantum physics. It is possibly one of the most intricate fields of physics which requires a combination of logic as well as creativity to fully understand the interaction between the world and all that it contains. Quantum physics defines entanglement as the amalgamation of one or more objects in such a way that none is entirely identifiable as a separate entity. Each “particle” is dependent on the other in terms of its characteristics. In essence, if you quantify one particle, you can almost always estimate the characteristics of the other adjoined one in the system with precision.

The crux of the story is this; everything in this world is correlated. There exists a relationship between each entity present in this world. This relationship is integral to you, your well-being and your mental and physical state. It is the “third” dimension which influences the other two and is barely felt. If you are looking for the “ultimate” best in everything, this is the entanglement you


need to understand, realize and then learn to manipulate so that you can achieve what you are looking for!

This brings us to the other important part of the equation; what is the particle? It may be energy or information. How are the two related with the concept of entanglement? Keep reading to find out!


What is Energy?

It wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that “energy” is actually synonymous to “life”. Energy is what makes it possible for you to do the number of wonderful things you do every day. It is the fuel that keeps you going – today, tomorrow and the day after!

In the world of nutrition, energy is defined as the building block of life. Everything that you consume has certain amount of energy preserved in the form of nutrients. Your body is a biological factory that uses food as raw materials to create useful products (most probably new cells in your body) and eliminate the unused materials as waste.

One hour after your meals you feel a sudden burst of “energy”. This is because the nutrients of your food have been absorbed by your body so that you now have a surplus. When you skip a meal, a deficiency is created which makes you vulnerable, lethargic and dizzy


Energy is a pretty broad term. It can be defined in a number of ways – one of which is given above. It depends on your vantage point; how are you approaching this topic?

Technically or scientifically, energy is defined as a characteristic or property that is present in every object. This property is transferrable and can be manipulated, though it can “never be created or destroyed”. As school going students, you must have come across this phrase quite a few times in the “unpopular” physics textbooks. Back then it wouldn’t have mattered a lot. At this point in life, you would realize this concept is but a fact which is here to stay!

The scientific definition of energy explains a lot of things in this world. For instance, it explains how the world maintains its state of balance. If energy could be created artificially, it would result in an obnoxious surplus as everyone tried to supersede the other in this business. If you can imagine a world engulfed by heat and flames, you are pretty close to the consequence of such a mechanism. This is why “energy” as a whole can be regarded as a limited finite resource!

Every object contains energy in some measure. There is a concept in physics – the concept of gravitation – which further substantiates this fact. Every object in this universe possesses energy regardless of whether it is a living thing or not. Furthermore, each object is known to interact with other objects in the vicinity as well. It happens without your active participation and outside your control!

So why do you not see objects inching towards each other? The reason is that the inter-celestial interaction between objects is considerably smaller than gravity – the central “pull” force of the earth. This is why you wouldn’t see your cup of coffee getting attracted to the coffee bottle and vice versa! There is a bigger force countering the force of attraction and repulsion between different objects which maintains a state of dependable equilibrium in the world!

This information, however, opens the doors of opportunity to several different ideas. For instance, is the energy emanated by different objects positive or negative? How will you figure out which one is a positive energy source and which one is a negative one? How and when is this relationship between objects felt? And the list of questions can go on forever!

Life isn’t simple. There is a lot more going around you than what you can see or feel. Energy isn’t something tangible – it is more towards the intangible side of the spectrum. It takes a heightened sense of sensitivity and emotional understanding to feel the energy changes occurring around you.

You as a living being emit energy in much the same way as any other person in this world. Consequently, energy interactions keep occurring on a constant basis. Remember the time when you met someone for the first time and instantly connected with them as though you’ve always known them? This is where the interaction of energies yields positive results. And then there are times when you instantly dislike a person even without conversing. This is where the “frequencies do not match” so you feel instantaneously repelled by the prospect.

These are just a few of the normal day examples that are happening around you. When and if you consider spirituality, the scenario is much deeper, metaphysical and internal. That, however, will be covered in due time!

Energy has negative and positive polarities. When energy interactions take place, these polarities play a major role in determining the outcome of the exchange. In some cases, the polarities become reinforced. In some cases, the overall effect of exchange is lost. If a particular energy source is stronger, it may superimpose the effect of other sources.

The influence someone has over you even without personal contact explains the superimposition of energies. The aura of the second person is evidently stronger and more powerful, so it eventually alters your polarity and strength. Your likeness or dislike for another person explains the clash of energies of equal measure.

Your energy defines your aura. It defines who you are, what you do and why you do that. It is connected with your inner self – your metaphysical existence which explains out-of-body experiences. So if you are looking for explanations to those subjects which seem to be happening without any particular reason, you need to understand your energy source. And this brings us to another important aspect of life – information.


What is Information?

The term “information” is used in the everyday life so commonly that when you are faced with the challenge of explaining what it really is, you feel an obvious loss of words. It is nevertheless worth making an effort.

In most cases, information is considered simultaneous to “knowledge”. It is something you know or you get to know. It contributes towards your understanding and experiences. It widens your

knowledge base so you become learned and wise once you’ve acquired it! It is anything and everything that you learn and that which enriches your life.


After your birth, you are consistently learning about things – consciously as well as subconsciously. As toddlers, you try to reciprocate the things that your elders do. Try observing a toddler if you believe otherwise. There comes a time in their life when they become mirror images of their elders. This is also the reason why the juniors feel compelled to rise on their feet, walk around, learn the language, begin communicating and act like their seniors do! This is the time when most of the value exchange occurs – subconsciously.

However, once you are through with the initial learning phase, you are put into the formal educational system which informs you about several realities of life and the disciplines associated with these. This is where your conscious learning begins. Even so, you are constantly learning and evolving with the change in your environment. In other words, your subconscious learning rarely ever ceases – it begins when you are conceived and lives till you breathe your last!

Some religions believe the soul is a learned entity. During your time in this world, you merely recall all that your soul already knows. However, since you are aware about your surroundings in the subconscious alone, you don’t really recall it as a practical experience from your life. It therefore misleads you to believe it is a novel experience – a novel learning

Some spiritual experts have a totally different stance on this topic. Information does not only exist in the physical state; it applies to your presence in the third dimension as well. This is where your Eigen – your Self – exists. Being aware of your Eigen or knowing how things work in this dimension puts you on a whole different level of experience and expertise.

Information is an extremely powerful tool these days. Everything that you know or acquire is considered information. The circle of life is also information for you. Knowing how your health concerns, your lifestyle choices and your decisions are affecting your probability of life is also information. In some cases, information can also help you heal apparent diseases; in some cases, it may help you overcome your spiritual barriers as well.

This world is a funny place. Everything that you do, see or hear is nothing but information. Do you know how your brain analyzes your surroundings? It is nothing but a constant stream of electrical signals that carry information from and to your brain. The images that you see with your eyes open as well as with your eyes closed are created by informational exchange. Even your senses are not absolute – it largely depends on what information does your brain process.

Take this as an example; when you run a marathon, you start panting. You go through the same exact sensations when you are dreaming about the marathon. The former situation explains how the muscles get worked up, produce lactic acid which makes you breathe faster so that more oxygen can be used to neutralize the affect of this organic acid. But how do you define what goes on in your sleep?

In a way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your brain is synonymous to information. It is the main hub of informational exchange in your body. It controls just about everything that you do, think or feel. There are little packets of information constantly on the flow inside your body that create the world as it is around you!

The same informational center – your brain – is the window to experience spiritual elevation. It connects you to your Eigen. In different walks of life, people use different words to basically point towards the same underlying principle – it connects you to your core. This helps you feel at peace on the deepest level of existence.

Once you understand how information interacts with your life (or more like how it becomes it!), it becomes needless to say that this medium is pretty powerful and influential. It has emerged as the novel concept of healing. The theories about informational medicine are under robust research these days in Germany. The observations and results so far are looking promising indeed!

To sum it up; what really is information? It is what your brain conceives and makes you believe. Every piece of knowledge that you have, every sensation that you get has its roots embedded in information. How it has revolutionized medicine is a different topic which will be covered in due time. At this point, it is important for you to understand what information is and the role it plays in your life.

Next up, let’s see how the combination of energy and information influences your life? What are the similarities and the differences between the two? Read through the next section carefully to understand how this works!


How Are They Related?

In the field of medicine, the concept of energy and information are considered to be closely linked. Often, the concepts are confused with one another on every level which makes it difficult to understand how what works. Here, however, this book will try to give out a few pointers which will help you mark differences between the two concepts and understand where it is practically impossible to dissect their co-existence.

When it comes to energy, the manipulation at source and otherwise is highly dependent on two factors – distance and time. For instance, “energy decreases in density with the inverse square of distance from source”.


It can be explained in a much simpler way through this example; when you are out camping and you light a bonfire, it creates heat and light energy. At times, it would also create sound energy in the form of cracking sounds.

The closer you are to the bonfire, the maximum exposure you will get to the energies produced by it. If you walk out of the circumference of the bonfire, the cold winds will immediately grip you from all sides. At a certain distance, you will not be able to hear the sounds. And farther off, you wouldn’t be able to see the light as well. As you move farther away from the source, the intensity of energy declines. This is a natural phenomenon.

The best example to illustrate the effect of time on an energy source is radioactivity. All radioactive substances continue to emit “particles” on a continuous (and spontaneous) basis. Over time, the intensity as well as the quantity of emissions decline. The process is popularly called radioactive decay.

Over a period of several years, the radiations emitted by the radioactive substance will be reduced to half. Admittedly, this time period stretches over several decades and can therefore not be regarded as a “speedy” process. It nevertheless declines naturally with time!

However, with information, neither is the case! No matter where or how you acquire it, it stays with you nevertheless. It heals you while you are at the doctor’s and will result in more or less the same consequence if you call up your doctor for advice. It does not depend on the material sources or mediums. This is what makes informational medicine a truly timeless remedy.

For the most part, information yields more promising results than traditional forms of treatments. This is one reason why it is increasingly being used in combination with other methods of healing to ensure a holistic form of cure. It has transformed several people’s lives for the better. As we move forward in this book, you will be able to read a couple of transformative stories as well. At the moment, let’s try establishing and explaining the link between energy and information and how the combination of these two mediums can be used for greater benefits.

The common linkage between energy and information is that both can inculcate healing in people. These dimensions work both on the physical as well as mental and spiritual aspect. It not only works on apparent diseases and health problems, it also relieves you from mental depression and stress. It puts you “at peace with yourself”. So those inexplicable moments of sadness become less frequent, those suppressed moments of happiness become more vibrant and you feel transformed on the inside, as well as on the outside!

The primary purpose of this book is to help you understand the basics of health and well being. There are natural ways to boost wellness. And then there are ways which can lead you to the intellectual apex of creation. It begins with you, depends on how you take it and ends with you! In essence, you are the best doctor for yourself. It takes a little transformation, a little change that takes you to a whole different level of physical and spiritual exaltedness!

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