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I am writing you from the house of John of God. It is my 8th time to be here in the last 2 years and coincidently today they celebrate the birthday of Ignacio de Loyola. His 518th birthday. See this page about my second visit    or one of may others on  the web or YouTube to get some general ideas.

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In John of God's room/ current




I will give you some ideas here that you certainly have not heard anywhere else….. Generally when people talk about spiritism or channeling they imagine that the spirit of some human or non-human being is taking over the medium and uses him or her as a mouthpiece .  This is a very naïve and also frightening  idea because imagine after we have died, particularly after a life of complete dedication like Ignacio de Loyola we would have to if somebody like “John of God” calls us having to answer all kind of questions and heal hundreds  for another few hundred years.

When you take my concept of an informational matrix separate and as different than that of consciousness a completely new view on things is possible. In this perspective we connect not to the spirit, the consciousness of a being but  to the informational matrix that this being was using/ creating/ enhancing while he was connected to it. Just as we leave our body behind when we die also the informational matrix/ astral body/ akashik record/ morphological field is left behind / below/ above  when we die. I am not talking about this from theory but from my 3 weeks in coma where I was having the choice to disconnect from it or not.

Really all this is not as magic/ unknown/ questionable/ esoteric as it sounds on first hearing it, in fact it is a day to day experience for all of us, we are just not sensitive to it. When we live with a close partner we feel/ think/ sense/ value things differently then when  we are alone or if we had never come close to this person. Some people even completely change their voice/ behavior/ intent/ face when they are with different people or different places.  This is a sub-conscious reaction, but differently then what you associate with this :

“I don’t define as sub-consciously simply that which we cannot control or recall with our mind but simply what is lower/ different/ complementary to what we call consciousness….. I define sub-conscious = informational”

The informational is not exclusively that which is processed by our mind but mind-activity is only a very small fraction of it. Information is that which gives shape, function  and rules to things, plants, animals, children, people and whatever other life-forms there may be. As discussed elsewhere, Information is not another form of energy as it does not follow the rules or definition of energy, particularly it is not bound by the concepts of quantity, time and space.

It is therefore futile to search or define a carrier for information in cases where no energetic one is obvious. S imply because Information exists independently of energy and is not just a state of modulation of energy.

When we are informationally close to a person, (and the degree of closeness has no necessary relationship to physical proximity) we exchange information which makes us act/ react/ perceive differently then when we are not (lovers can tell a long story about this). But of course it is not only people we love that can informationally affect us but all to whom we have an informational resonance and this can be children, our boss or our mother-in-law just as well. Some people like John of God have even the talent to make this kind of resonance to dead or non-human beings, at will at any time.

Distributing blessed/ informationally imprinted bread on Ignacio de Loyola's birthday 300w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

Distributing blessed/ informationally imprinted bread on Ignacio de Loyola's birthday


But again, please understand all this in a new way of seeing / conceptionalizing / explaining it.  The connection is not made to the spirit/ essence/ SELF/ consciousness of this being but just to one of the astral bodies that he incorporated/ developed/ enacted for some time. This is exactly comparable in that you can load different bios/ operating systems/ application software to the same computer and thus make him/her act completely different (by the way if we are male or female is not part of our spirit but of our informational body/ matrix/ intrinsic data-field).

This simple division between information and consciousness, between soul and spirit as simple and obvious as it sounds has confused the minds, particularly of those considered brilliant for all history. For example Descartes who cemented our contemporary concept of the division  between body and mind was so incapable to see this that he formulated the famous mistake “I think therefore I am”. What a sad and tragic misconception that today is the basis for the self-experience of most people “They think therefore I believe I am alive and I am more or different than animals and plants”.

The difference is really the degree to which  you can develop your connection to consciousness …. But about this another time as our focus on this forum is the informational matrix, the sub-conscious. The CoRe system does not act directly on your consciousness but only, if at all, indirectly via the informational matrix. And in fact everything that visibly or invisibly  surrounding  us affects our astral body which makes us think/ sense/ feel in a particular way. For example I tried to formulate something about all this right after I came out of a 5 hour session with  John of God. I wrote several pages but today on re-reading it I found it indigestibly emotional, at least for the astral body I inhabit today and have deleted everything. Of course because I had fortunately picked up the intrinsic data-field of the “Casa de Dom Ignacio” and that was also the reason why I had gone there (if you want to do this you have to go there yourself and not take my informational representation of it…. Funnily in this context John of God had somebody  announce that the Virtual tours to him that some are now offering on the internet are not sufficient) .

Again really nothing magical about that. We go on vacation exactly for the same purpose … get a brake from our regular data-field. It’s a DLE experience that is healing and re-vitalizing but as every DLE it is something also that many parts in us try to avoid or smooth out at all costs. Ways to do this are to travel always to places we already know, that we have a travel agency that takes care of all the unpredictables and that we try to surround us with as many familiar things and people as we can.

The degree to which we can profit from also this DLE is equal to the degree that we can be “open to change”, “open to the unpredictable”, “open to the unfamiliar” and what other definitions of DLE there are.

Equally of course we are affected informationally by places, and there is no need for a place to be “sacred” or “haunted”, for that to be the case. Simply all effects us to the degree we are open to it, to the degree we are medium/ intuitive  or to the degree we can lower our informational immune barrier. This is the main reason why people get healthy by going on a retreat/ pilgrimage or simply change their place of living/ job or sometimes just the position of their bed. Isn’t all this an amazingly simple and common sense new interpretation of so many observations that before had the aura of the unexplainable/ energy-effect/ subjective/ doubtful / magic. You can verify this more when you travel more and when you live less a life of constants / habits / patterns. Then you will know that one place is good to be open and other good to be closed, some are good to be happy and some are good to be suspicious and unhappy like New York.

In which frame-of-mind do we spend most time today…. Its of course the frame of our Computer and no company is shaping or representing our contemporary mindset/ world of information / astral world more than Microsoft (who has heard Bill to be called an “astral teacher” or even the “Gates to the intrinsic data-field”). Who of you has not a desktop clustered with dozens of icons of things you never have cared about…. Do you think this does not effect you ? ….. of course it affects you just like walking around with a shirt that has a crocodile on it or “I am a dummy”. We have become so ignorant of the power of information that we don’t find this revolting or when the health minster has being put “Smoking will kill you” on every package that people hold in their hands when they have a break and are somewhat more emotionally / informationally open. We dream and fantasize about magic, energy and chemical toxins while we are unaware of the simple facts that run our life.

I advice you to use a dedicated computer to run the CoRe system, or one that you use for all the positive things in your life, just as I would advice you to have your office not necessarily  in your home or in a place that you feel information  negatively interferes with what you are doing.

In this respect, here is another information that you will not have heard anywhere else “The place in which  you do healing does not need necessarily have to be far removed from the everyday world but in fact it can often be placed right in the middle of it to create some beneficial DLE”.

For example did you ever consider to rent a corner in a local supermarket to offer CoRe sessions or rent a room in a bank tower (there are quite a few becoming available these days). This contrast/ difference/ polarity  that this will create is very useful, often more so then the most perfectionated healing temple that  people are used to today. What is not beneficial is all that is not intended by careless or even suspicious or hostile action or intend. You can already see that I do not only promote the zen-like heaven of tranquility as the best place for healing but also quite the opposite.

I want to end this with an invitation to send in pictures and descriptions of YOUR CoRe healing setting / space and what you found to help and to distract. Please send this until end of September and I will honor one with a voucher for 1000 $  in Inergetix products. So lets have some creative time and even rethink our traditional concept of a healing place.

Enjoying this informed bread, conincidetally as the first bread after a week of eating nothing... at the Brasilia Airport 300w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

Enjoying this informed bread, conincidetally as the first bread after a week of eating nothing... at the Brasilia Airport




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