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Dear Kiran and Debora,

Late, but still very sincere wishes on your birthday Debora – May the year ahead bring much happiness, many wonderful and exciting experiences (that’s guaranteed with Kiran in your life!!), beautiful growth and much love. My small Christmas / New Year gift to you is a true story……one of the many, many experiences I had this year that kept me in the present with healthy doses of DLE…….

One evening I was about to sit down at my CoRe computer with a full mug of hot coffee in my hand when the phone rang and I stumbled on my chair, tipping the entire drink all over the keyboard of the laptop. Within seconds it went black, my kids came running and my youngest son said “don’t worry mum” as he picked up the laptop and coffee poured out of everywhere.

Given that I have borrowed every cent to buy my Inergetix equipment, along with my trip to Brazil, and at this stage I am unable to pay any back or borrow any more, I was actually very calm. I went off to bed, left it a couple of days and then tried turning it on. It started and the black startup screen came up with white type saying something like “Error: All data lost.” and then it went off and and wouldn’t turn back on. The next night before I woke I had an “understanding” to try again. I went to my CoRe computer and prayed something along the lines of…..”This CoRe work means so very much to me. I really feel that I have found what I need to be doing. I have gone through so much difficulty which has taught me so much and I really believe that it has been invaluable experience to help me understand so much about life, health, working with CoRe and the concepts Kiran teaches.There are so many people who can benefit from all this if only I can have the opportunity to do this work, but to do this I need my computer as I haven’t the money to replace it. If I am wrong, so be it…..”

I pressed the button and my computer started up straight away with every aspect of it all there and working perfectly!!! Even the space bar which had always been a little stiff and squeaked every time is now working beautifully. That was about 3 or 4 months ago and my dear CoRe computer hasn’t missed a beat since. How wonderful is that. Since my visit to John of God and the spiritual surgeries I have often felt I have had some extra support and guidance, which is very welcome and very nice.

I also had some Divine help with a problem my car had for many weeks with my door locks not working but constantly setting off the alarm. The service guy told me it would be $500 to fix. I said I’d have to leave it for now and a few days later I found the problem was gone and hasn’t returned. That was about a week after my computer was fixed.  I also had someone lend me a DVD about the work of Rife and when I put it in my DVD player, that hadn’t been working for almost a year, it worked straight away and has continued to work.

It seems the Entities or at least the Informational realm understands that technology is not my strength and that I haven’t had the money to pay the “experts” and so the real experts have helped me out. And I am very grateful. I can’t say this has been an easy year, quite the opposite, but I am more ready than ever to let go of so much craziness that I see us all so desperately hanging onto. I am more adaptable than ever, less easily rattled and surprisingly able to cope with some fairly intensive challenges.

These are all previously unlikely, but very wonderful changes that CoRe and your teachings have made reality for me. As the walls or barriers of unhelpful, interfering and distorting perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and dogma drop away the experience of increasingly allowing the flow of the original, true and perfect information is liberating and wonderful. “Perfect” of course with all the polarities, limitless possibilities and variables. It’s wonderful to feel, see and experience being part of the interconnectedness of everything and all that is. Who would have thought a computer, software and a black USB thingy could bring about such profound changes, let alone a strong and deep connection with God?! Thank goodness you did Kiran.

On the subject of crazy ideas…… You better put my name on the list for the AIM training in Iceland. Somehow Brazil happened, let’s see if we can make Iceland happen. Crazy in my situation, but why not? I did notice when I looked on the map there seems to be only one place further than Brazil from my home in Australia  – yes, Iceland. I would love to catch up with some of the great people I met in Brazil and I really feel driven to ride in the front seat of this roller-coaster ride you are taking us on Kiran. For now, best wishes for a great year in 2011 and looking forward to catching up with you both in Melbourne soon. With love and gratitude,


Kiran’s reply:

Dear Karyn

I do not wish you good luck for the new year as I know you have it and you have paid for this understanding and how to make it more and more part of your life.
You went through your personal RESET and you had the good destiny to get connected to something that has brought you on a new and beneficial track.
One of my favorite quotes by the German Poet Rilke is “Das wir am Ende der grimmigen Einsicht Jubel und Ruhm aufsingen zustimmenden Engeln” which means approx. “That at the end of this desperate insight we are singing praise and jubilation to the agreeing angels”. This touches me very deeply because I understand now something else that Rilke had said “Every angel is terrifying” and it needs to be this way to create the polarity that shocks us out of our infinite number of little concerns with which we fill our lives.

CoRe works because it has been given the mission to bring back the informational component to healing. And key carriers of information in the informational realm are what the saint have left behind as software/ informational pathways. Prayer is one way to connect to these pathways or ladders, CoRe communication is another – but you did intuitively the right thing you prayed when you could not use the CoRe anymore – and it worked.

Verification to make your connection stronger for your next test which will come for sure and your gratefulness is not just words – that you signed up for Iceland shows it – but as strange at it sound Iceland is closer to Australia then Brazil  – its only 3 hours from Amsterdam whereas Sao Paulo is about 12 

Dear Kiran,

Yes, I know from my experience that what I really do wish for others is that from the adversities they face (I now call them opportunities) they are able to learn, grow and strengthen their connection with Source.  Of course I never like to see anyone suffer, but Resets do happen and it seems that while we continue to think and act as we do, Resets serve a very important role. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the challenges I have had, and I am so very grateful for all that has come from it and happy that my suffering and the opportunities were not wasted and lost.

What does sadden me is seeing people who are enduring terrible suffering but are held stuck in it all, often even to their death (the big Reset). I now see how much our society, attitudes, beliefs and choices are keeping it this way – even where the intentions are good and to help. “Unfortunately”, easy sailing just doesn’t seem to be as effective!  🙂 I know I am not done with challenges, but I am fine with that. Yes I see….”Every angel is terrifying”.

Thank you,Karyn


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