The DLE that my mission evokes

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Empathy/ understanding are too close to our brain-pain centers so most will avoid to have compassion or new understanding - it is too painful

here are too comments from two participants at the same seminar :

Dear Friends

I am polarizing my audience – half find inspiring what and how I present it and

about the other half  like Mrs Martino below find it insulting/ complete wast of time/ not a profit/ disgusting/ ego driven

– and none of these people tells  to my face or even makes a comment on the Forum – even threatens that if I post it they will destroy me publicly

Mrs Martino only send this e-mail to me after I asked her why she is spreading insulting messages behind my back

I am making this post – not in the hope – to make those change their minds who have already decided what to think

– but more importantly I write this to those who value my work, so they can see that DLE is not only universal but increases

the more one touches the essential issues of our time – of any time.

Of course I could be much more Ego-pleasing, if my main aim would be to sell – there are hundreds of books out there that tell

the secrets of sales – and basically it is always “Tell the person what he likes to hear – don’t spread doubt and concern”

I don’t because I know our US infected standards of interaction are dragging us all down. The idea that we “are all on the same leve

– we do not need teachers – everyone knows best for himself what is good – everyone has the same right to take the time

of others in expressing himself”  has created this emptiness in all media and deep down created a feeling of emptiness

in most peoples lives.

Mrs Martino exposes her personal over-valuation by asking : “PS why do you justify your actions with John of God or the Vatican???? is that where your worth is from??? – because in her worldview you do not need to look to connect with people that might be on a higher level or organizations that contain deeper connections – She completely is infested with the US virus that tells her – YOU ARE UNIQUE – and no need to look for any masters higher than you – because really there are NONE

My style of questioning these believes creates such strong reactions as this is the dogma of our culture – everyone is on the same level and everyone should be enabled to express himself equally its the best marketing strategy of all times to turn so many into free slaves that just barely make it every  month to pay their credit card minimum payments



On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 10:40 AM, D Martino <> wrote:

Hi Kiran
i dont have to talk behind your back, I will tell you to your email
I found the seminar presentation unprofessional, ego driven by you, blamed others when they asked a question that you did not want to answer
insulting to ones intelligence, and a complete waste of time
i found Kathrine to be professional in all her dealings with us and our company, and very professional on the day of the huge disgusting performance by you
everyone should distance themselves from you and your system
your are NOT A GURU nor should you pretend to be one,
if you need followers, go to live in India
intelligent people will not follow you, you are not a profit
many people were disgusted and I assume did not return the next day, Kathrine has lost 3 sales of the complete sets that she uses in her clinic
by the way she is a professional, and has manners, of which you lack!
unfortunatley if Kathrine continues to deal with you she will also lose our business relationship of our companies and her companies and the projects we are planning together, we can not associate wth you or with her if she continues to defend you and have dealings with you
i checked your YouTube videos and this is what I should have done before coming to the seminar, if i did then I would not have attended this waste of time event!

Debora Martino

PS why do you justify your actions with John of God or the Vatican???? is that where your worth is from???
do not write to me again as I will delete this nonsense


and another one from today – but Mario my question to you “Why do you follow for years – an asshole- as you call me ? “

do you like “assholes?”  is there some DLE relationship to “assholes” did your mother maybe warn you never to

“play or follow asshole ?

Dr Mario Scandoura
1:25 PM (7 hours ago)

to me
i have been following you the last few years and I realised you have
not improved on any level.
i was waiting for you to grow up and stop pretending you are a
straight man, come out of the closet and tell people who you are
there are therapist that can help your body but not your mind as you
are too far gone
thats what your staff in the USA
you tell people you are a scientist and people wait to hear something
they dont know from you, but obviously you need to learn

what is the next thing you will promote
you are a Prophet, you are Jesus, Mohamed Saint Kiran
how did you invent this system  who did you copy
you are riding the back of the people selling for you one day you may wake up
to see what damage you do
when i was at a radionics seminar they all spoke about you how deviot you are
why do you pick on wonen ( guess you mean “woman”) do you hate them, do they hate you (are you
sure you are not homosexal )
maybe john of brazil can tell you
why do you need to belong to a group a church or a cult
you have cult mentality
do you want your own cult
did you belong to a cult
you need to withdraw from the public domain as people hate you the
same as you hate yourself
Advice as a doctor
in order to enhance your personality, do cocaine, it will enhance your
arsehole personality so you have a bigger arsehole (Kiran’s comment : fine British name for asshole)
do not reply
at this or publish this or i will publish documents and photso to
remove you from the public you love so much
Dr Mario Scandoura

(hope this post will bring you some entry on google as you are a No-name until now Mr Dr –

wait for your revealing all the pictures about me that will remove me from Public as you threaten )





Karyn Burge
3:35 AM (3 hours ago)
to me

Dear Kiran

From the situations I have experienced and considered, it seems the concepts and philosophies you teach apply and make sense in most, if not all, situations I look at in life.

Even in considering your comment about getting “lots of the opposite tone” (i.e. negative feedback), I can try to understand why this is so by using my understanding of the philosophies you teach…..

We people have some very strange behaviours, attitudes and tendencies, and it does seem very often we are quick to look for and focus our time and effort on all that we can find in the world that appears negative or we can blame. Strangely enough, at the same time few would deny that we desperately seek more pleasure and happiness, health and well-being in our lives, and yet do not see the crazy and unlikely ways we go about trying to find it. It is far easier to blame and explain…. all the reasons, the justifications, the wrong-doings, and everything and everyone else out there that do not treat us well and fairly.

Maybe this giving attention to judging and criticizing others is another example of our tendency to look outside ourselves; to focus on external things and other people, rather than on ourselves, rather than to “Know Thyself”…. not seeing how they relate to our self… and especially when faced with the ideas you teach. Maybe with some self-analysis and self-understanding we would be more able to see how what you teach really does apply in our lives. Maybe if we knew our self better; were more comfortable with our self, we would not only feel less “threatened ” by others and new ideas and experiences, but we could contribute more to the world and humanity.

None of us are perfect; we all have strengths and weaknesses, but if we were to use our strengths and talents and put our time and effort into helping our world and the people (rather than to interfere, criticize and harm), imagine what a wonderful difference it would make. Kiran you are clearly a talented scientist, which is uncommonly combined with the gift (enhanced through tough life experiences) of spiritual awareness and guidance and with this you work tirelessly to make a positive difference in the world. Surely this is not something too many of us could criticize. Maybe we like to think we have already learnt it all and we “know”…. and we do not want to hear anything that challenges what we “know”, or even stretches us to build on what we “know”, because even that would be admitting that we didn’t know everything…. it would rattle our feeling of security, our cozy state of stability….our stagnation.

Not only do I see you living in DLE, and teaching about it, but also actually helping people by challenging them; giving them a little shake-up so they are more in DLE and more open to all possibilities and in turn, to more experience, growth and awareness. Of course not everyone is happy with this uncertainty and challenge and certainly not ready to embrace it, so they fight and resist your ideas; they put up the walls and it feels much safer. Though you are clearly human, so not without some ego 🙂 I actually see that unlike most people you very much function beyond your ego…..putting aside concerning yourself with how popular, liked and admired you could be, to do what is necessary to actually help us.

This is a sacrifice that few of us would be prepared to make…. in many ways a tough and lonely road that most have not the courage to walk. Your mission and purpose in life seems clear to me and obviously it is even more-so for you….and what I see is that you take the responsibility of living that purpose very seriously and you give it your all. Through my own experiences and search for health and well-being and meaning in my life I have truly found the things you are teaching us to be very beneficial and meaningful and they certainly resonate with me, helping me to experience better health, stronger and clearer purpose, and closer spiritual connection.

But well beyond anything I might experience and maybe beyond the amazing healing we are all witnessing in our clients… surely the recognition you have been given both through John of God and the Catholic Church should encourage people to open up from all that they already “know”….to listen, look, wonder, think, feel, consider and experience the new possibilities you are presenting…..

Thank you,Karyn


Dear Karyn 
thank  you for your wonderful 2 messages

I want to use them in a post to display the DLE that my mission apparently makes me evoke in people
I tell you I get as many deeply negative message as I get positive feedback – of which yours is one that 
hits the mark as best as I can  see

I do not think this post will change the mind of those like DM who have made up their mind but it explains maybe some
things to people of good will – of what is happening in their own lives and makes it easier to see the general DLE 
principle and less likely fall in the victim trap – for everyone destined to grow – opposition is necessary and eventually
will be more willing to be grateful for them – as we understand that we have not “Become what we are despite of the 
opposition but because of it”

thank you for your support

and I know for everyone it is basically through suffering that you grow

and you did it visibly

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  1. Hello,  Kiran,

    I am a new CoRe user. Yes, I know – using it for such a short time certainly doesn’t make myself  already expert but the real master is CoRe itself – I must only let this special tool to do what has to be done.  That is all and there is the real beauty.
    Until I was waiting to get my CoRe, I had the  great opportunity to read a lot of the material on this website and forum for better understaning of DLE and life itself – I was also sort of infected with this USA virus as you call it (because  the scent of “The Secret” in our country in also in the air that we breathe ;), but now I’m in the phase of changing (not for the better, but for the real life).
    Reading this material was very enlightening and I strongly recommend such an action to all the future users of CoRe.  It is quite a lot of reading but it is worth – it did help me very much to change some of my beliefs and to be more ready for what CoRe brings…

    I can only say:
    Thank you, Kiran and God bless you for giving us this useful spiritual tool.

    Best regards,
    Mojca Amedea

    Kiran’s comment :

    Dear Mojca

    you speak my vision – and I am surprised how this CoRe draws great people in its world.

    I am making so many posts because I know part of the success in your work with CoRe is changing our own perspective and for most it is changing the concept of : “I know best – CoRe can supply the details but in the end I will decide what makes sense and will instruct the patient accordingly”

    and this way we fail – because this technology was not given to re-enforce our Ego but to make our grateful for all the wonders that are possible if we grasp some more humility

    and so YES YES YES to your first sentence : ” I must only let this special tool to do what has to be done.  That is all and there is the real beauty.”