Kiran in a cinema movie that forecasted the centerpoint or his mission

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Many years ago I was chosen to play in a cinema movie. It is about me helping my friend to get the girl of his dreams (the first part was made when  I was 14 and the second at  about 17 years, see the 2 pics above, my German name is “Ulrich Schmidt”) – you will also see me smoke the first and last cigarette in my life.It shows the coincidental nature of major events in our lives – as soon as my friend has the “girl of his dreams” he runs into another one.

It shows me a also few years later – I guess it was at 17  . In this part filmed,  the narrator tell that marriage went wrong  and I remember my childhood stories and just in this moment – the girl that I met then is waiting coincidentally at the same bus-stop ( in this part you see me use a cell phone for the first and last time in my life)

This was the result that I discover the principles of informational “magic” –  I had heard about a  lions head in Munich that will give you luck when you touch it – and I had gone there – although as the narrator said “I was not superstitious”.

Without me realizing it then – this movie was a preview of my life as I experience it now 35 years later – my work and my mission as I feel it, to uncover the principles of how to shape our lives by informational means and to show that “coincidences” are not random, meaningless but that coincidences are the language of GOD – that has the potential to lead those who recognize them

which lead to the name to CoRe – COincidence REcognition system – which is also my daily experience that I am teaching

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