Kiran Schmidt appointed Grandmaster of the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

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The Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller has been re-constituted

A new chapter in the history of integrative/holistic medicine

With the above Ecclesiastical Degree the “Medical order of the Knights Hospitaller” has been re-established and Kiran Schmidt initiated into the role of its Grandmaster. This is the highest recognition so far of the ideas we stand for “Informational and Spiritual Medicine” by the largest organization on earth with the longest unbroken tradition – the Catholic Church

The following is only intended for those who have not yet crystallized in their opinion about the church :

The tradition of the knights Hospitaller was founded by a group of people that had, 1000 years ago, the courage and incredible dedication to leave all that they knew behind and move to the Holy Land to establish the first institution that would care for the sick pilgrims and they coined the word “Hospital” for this place.

These strong and dedicated people who had the humility to not even leave their names behind, built the beginning of a tradition that would continue for many  hundreds of years and initially their sole dedication was caring for the sick.

Only about 30 years after this pure beginning it was already turning into a more worldly organization which called itself “Military order of the knights hospitaller” and the focus became more and more the protection of pilgrims with the force of weapons. When ever weapons are involved you create more enemies – on your own side and behind the lines of the enemy. This happened soon in that another group that also was established to protect pilgrims was starting to quarrel and fight with the older “Sovereign Military order of the Knights Hospitaller”, these were called the Templars (because had its headquarter on the Temple mount  in Jerusalem).

This increasingly military side continued for 800 years until Napoleon ended their existence with taking over their last strong-hold in Malta.

The Maltese cross that you see on so many medical institution and emergency vehicles has its origin in this tradition. This video was made before I had any knowledge of the role that would be trusted to me, and that I made in Malta that for now obvious reason I had felt the need to visit early last year 2010.

One parallel development I want to point out here. Almost at the same time of the original Hospitallers  another “nameless group” of people that just as the Hospitaller were Catholics of the most dedicated kind that were living in the golden age of the catholic church, around the year 1000 AD, had the unimaginable courage, vision and spiritual connection to dig our foundations all over Europe for churches of a size that was completely unthinkable at that time – even in places that had only wooden huts at that time – like the place close to where I was born in ULM/ Germany. 300w, 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 1063px) 100vw, 1063px" />

These foundations were so out of proportion to anything known at that time and were dug out with the clear understanding of those working on them that they would not even see, in their lifetime,  the first level completed of the buildings that later would be known as the Gothic Cathedrals.

These were the “Catholic Masons” that conceived and undertook the greatest architectural adventure in European history and that were just as the Hospitaller a reflection of the total dedication of that time to the Catholic Church.

But as with anything – Ego and the attachment to leaving and possessing worldly good and fame this quickly lead to a split and the establishment of a new order of “Sovereign Masons” or “Free masons” – who did not want to cut and carry stones anymore but who wanted to proof their sovereignty and superiority to the world. Just as the Templars the Free masons have occupied the minds of all those, for centuries, who resonate to the “secretive”, “military” and most of all “imaginary”.

The re-establishment of the “Medical order of the Knights Hospitaller” under the patronage of His Eminence Angelo Cardinal Sodano and his emissary HSH the Prince von Reichenberg under the Grandmastership of Kiran Schmidt who promotes the science of Informational Medicine as a way to re-establish spiritual connection shows that the time has come that corrects the over-dependence and over-valuation of drug and energy based medicine.

It is important that this order is re-established in the spirit of those courageous and dedicated people that founded the concept of “Hospital” – and it is my vision and mission to re-establish also the spirit of these great servants that was based on “active believe” and humility – for those who are ready to take this opportunity.

Kiran Schmidt

Gramdmaster of the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller MedOKH

In the coming month I will post a sequence of articles on how this will become practical to the world and how you can participate in it and make it trans formative for your practice healing and your life.

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  1. Mark Morton Glasgow on

    Congratulations on your initiation as the Grand Master of the recently revived Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller.  It is coincidentally proper that in an era of continuing debate in Western Culture about whether traditional medicine and religion can play mutually exclusive roles in healing, your appointment signals a return to an understanding that healing a whole person has greater value than healing a part.  Psychosomatic medicine as it’s understood in the west is a move in the right direction but still falls short of being holistic as it is limited principally to the  mind-body, therefore, still limited to an impersonal material understanding of disease.  After all, any sane person will accept that we are something more than just our minds.  One must ask in mind-body approaches to healing, who is the person being treated?

    For a more holistic understanding we need look to an earlier perspective, one commonly held by Orthodox Christians.  Byzantine culture was marked by faith and the science of its day; in no area was this nexus more evident than in the field of healing.  Faith and medicine were considered as divine gifts and Byzantines benefited from the integration of science and religion.  Monastics were often trained in both theology and medicine and it was not uncommon for monastic institutions to have hospitals attached in which both the spiritual and physical needs of patients were attended to.  The Byzantine understanding of psyche (soul) and soma (body) as  the constitutional basis of human nature, together with the merging of faith and healing, resulted in the healthy co-union between the physical gross and subtle bodies and the metaphysical soul.

    Regardless of whether one accepts the theological claims about Jesus of Nazareth, one must be impressed with his stature as a healer.  According to the synoptic gospels, Jesus healed: paralysis, scoliosis, menorrhagia, fevers, deafness, aphoria, blindness, psoriasis, leprosy, epilepsy and insanity.  These healings followed different interventions, however most related to the faith of seeking cures with a positive correlation as an intervention in the afflictions of body, mind and soul.  Ironically, Byzantine diagnosis began with head and moved downward; perhaps in taking Jesus’ advice, to love God with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind and our neighbor, as our self, we should best begin by paying more than lip service to our belief in holistic healing and reincorporate the too often lost spiritual dimension of healing.  Our times require an openness to one another and the employment of all means at our disposal in our efforts to serve humankind and turn the wheel of healing. 

    Kiran’s comment :

    Very well said I will post this next time with some more thoughts from my side on the difference of Mind and Spirit medicine