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K: Being trained as a physicist and studying and practicing Homeopathy in India for 5 years I knew that Homeopathy was not a new form of energy no matter how subtle because it simply did not obey the definition of energy which is the first law/ definition of physics : “That quality that does not diminish in transformation is what we call energy” so in fact the energy-conservation law is not a law but a definition.

K: However Homeopathic remedies can be multiplied simply by adding a drop to any amount of substrate and here I knew it was really like a fermentation process or simply an informational copying process different from any energy and matter process that diminishes in density by distribution whereas Homeopathy does not.

M: It appears to me that we encounter here a ‘high level’ regulating mechanism (a black box) operating by yet unknown principles, where ‘relevant’, ‘low energy’ information produces significant results. And we have here both, information and energy.

K: As we are believers of the simple assumption that Information transfer is not possible without energy but are confronted with the fact that in many healing modalities energy cannot be measured the standard approach is to just postulate an energy at work that is either “too low level” or “completely new and unknown” to account for the fact that none can be measured and still not to threaten the energy-religion. So NO I know informational modalities like Homeopathy are pure information whereas in others like acupuncture there is a varying percentage of energy involved in cases where heat, electricity or magnetism is used … but certainly Acupuncture can also be done without any energy involved.

M: My perspective, that we deal here with both information and energy (= ability to produce ‘work’, in some generalized sense),

comes from my attempts to conceptualize and develop minimal theoretical/mathematical models (both papers in preparation), to account for some high quality data :

  1. “A minimal systems model to account for some experimental data on the nature and processes of consciousness” (with Stephan A. Schwartz)
  2. “Modeling healing in acupuncture and traditional East Asian Medicine”

(TEAM) (with Stephen Birch)

K: Yes this is what is missing an extension of the “concept of ability of produce work” and then we can also assign an energy quantity to Information. However if we use the definition “energy is the ability to do work” or the conservation law “energy is that quantity that remains constant in transformation” is the big challenge as until now both definitions did not contradict each other but once we consider also Information as a form of energy the conservation law is not preserved as we can multiply information different than energy basically without adding any energy like in homeopathy or the internet… so Lucian an Mark here I see your job.

K: This realization as a starting point I saw many other modalities that were mistakenly called energy medicine simply because of our current Einstein-religion that “nothing exists besides energy” so anything that we did not know what it was we certainly were not wrong in calling it energy. For example distant healing, Reiki, Radionic, New Homeopathy according to Koerbler, Family constellation, Emotional Freedom technique and other new ones every day of which most still call it energy medicine.


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  1. Gentlepeople,

    The Kaballah and the Tree of Life glyph which is a symbol of Kaballistic teaching, indicate that Mind is the first creation and from Mind emanates energy. In this teaching, matter and energy are one. (Quantum physics is proving this ancient teaching is true.)

    If this ancient teaching is true, and I believe it is, then all energy without exception is under the supervision and control of the Divine Mind.

    A corollary to this teaching is that our bodies and energy are under the supervision and control of our egos until and unless we choose otherwise. Our choices include placing our bodies and energy under the tender care of our Soul, Spirit (Mind) and the Divine.

    It may be that Energy Medicine is Soul Medicine, Information Medicine is Mind Medicine and that all true healing comes from the Divine.

    Since we need to make the choice, it may be that Informational Medicine is our way of accepting Divine healing. This means we need to use our mind to accept Divine healing. We have to make that decision to accept Divine healing or healing does not occur.

    My life as a spiritual healer reinforces this theory for me almost daily.


  2. Am i correct to understand what you are say that:
    1) Energy does not diminish on dilution of matter.
    2) All Matter diminishes on dilution.
    Where matter ends only Pure energy or Information which manifested the physical remains.

    The Bible and other religion text point out that first came the “WORD”, this is information Energy!

    This Forum concept is just what we need to trigger our insight.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Ajit

      The Bible states “in the beginning was the WORD” which means Information is more primordial than Energy and there is no “Information Energy” both are complementary but not the same they can be transformed into each other just as Energy and Matter.

      This is a new understanding as most people are believers of the EINSTEIN religion “Everything is ENERGY”….. he did not consider INFORMATION

      For Healers this is not NEW we know information is
      the key for healing and why people get sick.

      but what is NEW for most that Information does not only come from our mind and is produced by our mouth but that human Information can be received, evaluated and send by a technical system like the CoRe system…..

      and that we do only to a very limited extend process information by our mind but by every cell