LaesEr Bioresonance and the Medical Order of Malta



  1. Hier ein Ueberblick zu neuesten Erkenntnisssen in Bezug auf Bioresonanz
  2. The Medical Order of the knights and Ladies Hospitaller had a good start this year – please see pictures, testimonials and some video thoughts from the Brazilian beach
  3. First communication to MedOKH  knights and ladies – soon  we will have our own site dedicated to members  (former SMOKH members may be re-initiated)
  4. Why you have not to be afraid – but careful – when  you use the LaesEr you can see and read here (below the disclaimers)
  5. If you have been tired of the pictures that you had to see over and over again in CoRe – here is a way to change them with your personal choices – you need at least to have built 427 installed – (go to for  the latest download)
  6. Last weekend’s first training of the Austral-Asian institute went very well – and here is a report (you might want to order the training material there as well)
  7. Helma  posted a video about the CoRe business application




PS : this week my friend Ekkehard and his wife Gertraud – who’s company manufactures all our devices –  will come for a 2 week visit to Brazil – we will also  meet John of God – more about that next time

PSS:  Brazil is  the country with the greatest diversity – and no matter what the media tell you – I think also the country with the greatest respect for its amazing natural resources – here is a video about one Brazilian tribe – where members commit suicide at age 35 – because they are not afraid of death and want to be re-united with their friends . Listen  what a naïve US American,  who’s country is sending thousands of its young boys to be shot in Afghanistan, has to say about this “stone-age practice”.




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