LaesEr Bioresonance System detects Biofield from 2 meter distance

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Many people have claimed having made the biofield visible – starting from Kirlian photography GDV  and Poly-contrast Interference Photography PIP to AURA photography that works with a computerized software that creates a colorful assortment of blotches around anything that you put in front of the camera. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 879px) 100vw, 879px" />

The most outrageous claims were made recently by H.M. and P.F. who have come out with a book the “The human body field decoded” and yet another software that creates evaluation results based on a random number generator.  They have found many that believed their fantasies and buy the NES Nutrienergetic System that is said to have a direct connection to the Human Body Field HBF and is able to decode it. Countless websites copy this nonsense without a single doubt in the hope to find more people that are desperate to get a physical  proof that the biofield  does exist.

Use a coin, bicycle, cabbage in a GDV, PIP or aura photography setup and it will give you a nice aura photo – NES will not even know that it is a coin or bicycle and will tell you all about its “Human Body Field” its 16 energetic drivers, 12 energetic integrators, 16 energetic terrains and 15 energetic stars and some more phantasies that they have concocted. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 927px) 100vw, 927px" />

This kind of Pseudo science or pure fraud has to stop to get energetic and informational Medicine out of its shadow existence. Too many people use the technology and “scientific talk” dependence of people to sell empty philosophies and devices.

If you think I should let everyone do as he likes as all of us are different and what may work for one may not work for another and to fuel controversy  is generally not the way to go about you may want to read what I had to say about our contemporary religious believe system on

or just be amazed by this video and leave the rest to history


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  1. Lieber Kiran,

    in der Tat kann man sehr viel Unsinn in dieser Angelegenheit lesen. Auch bei AURAMED werden solche Bilder bevorzugt. Allerdings weist man wenigstens im Benutzerhandbuch darauf hin, dass man eigentlich nur Hautwiderstandsmessungen vornimmt, diese mit Durchschnittswerten vergleicht und daraus per PC schöne Aurabilder fabriziert.


    Kiran : Ja wenn das so dargestellt wird – und jemand nur bunte Bildchen produzieren will und nicht wie bei NES gesagt wird man hat eine Methode gefunden das “Human Bodyfield” zu dekodienen dann ist das OK.

  2. Hello Kiran
    Your system is awesome and you are genius.
    I dreamed of and you did it.
    I want to know what s the applicability of the detection of the biofield.?
    what informations he can give?
    It can provide informations on the status of the person inside?
    And if so at what levels?
    Organic, psychological and others?
    I think there is a  correlation between the state and condition of the biofield and the person, the question is whether it is possible to discriminate with precision and finesse.
    What is the nature of the measured field?
    Electro Magnetic?
    so yes I think you’ll be quickly copied by your enemies.
    they will buy your system and then they will analyze it and copy it.
    I thought a cage embedded sensors would have given more information about the precise volume of biofield than a single plate.
    I think you know the system of Lecher antenna, the problem is that the operator is involved in the scheme but the principle of measuring the different strata I find it interesting.
    I will like to know your opinion.
    more if I not mistaken i read there have been measurements made with a spectrometer, which corroborates the measurements with the Lecher antenna.
    Realy, your work  is  fantastic. It is very exciting
    Friendly .

    Kiran’s comment:

    Dear Hassan thank you for your appreciation
    I will answer your questions in postings over the coming weeks as this is all a very large topic.

    I see the biofield as a very simple extension of the internal biofield – the information is really accessible via
    the CoRe system , the informational field not the biofield – the amazing usefulness of having such a tool to connect to the biofield lies in the fact that we have now a channel to transfer healing energy that is completely resonant – you will see the most amazing display of this in the next few videos

    I am not concerned about the competition – because it needs a little more understanding of the basics to copy it then just knowing electronics

    With respect to the Lecher Antenna – put in “Aurameter” or “Biotensor” in the Google picture search and you will see the most elaborate constructions – that are around since 50 years and are as good as the person who uses it – more expensive models you see here they are called EAV or EDS