The Law of Attraction – the one sided approach – the main reason for sickness


The law of attraction is the theory that you have to promote actively everything that you want through positive visualization and corresponding action  and this will create more of what you want in your life, whereas focusing on what you are afraid of will more likely attract what you want to avoid.

If people do not get the expected result from such work it is always assumed that there was not enough energy invested in this law or even worse that there were self-sabotaging  mechanisms at work and unconsciously believing in failure.

This philosophy is not much difference than what priests have announced, particularly in the Christian tradition, for centuries:  “God will give you all that want  if you only believe enough” and if things did not come about despite the most intense prayer that “the believe still was not strong enough” or God would give at the time of his choice.

Here I will give you a radically different idea that is actually based on our common sense. If the main law and activity is a constant balancing, a juggling act, we can understand that whenever we want to increase one aspect we also need to increase or accept the other polarity or if we don’t we will either not be able to increase only the one preferred polarity or nature will automatically increase the other polarity by itself. This is the Yin Yang principle.

Having said this – it is true that many people, by their very nature usually focus on what could possibly go wrong, for these 50% it is important to start to emphasise the positive possibilities to create balance. However there are areas where humans are programed to block out possible other potential outcomes simply because it is too painful. For example in severe sickness, everyone will try to chear you up saying that “all will be good in the end” so collectively trying to only see one side. In this situation there is no informational balance and nature will often realize exactly the negative outcome that (and sadly because) we were trained to avoid its awareness.

… the more we try to keep something out of our awareness, by drowning it with positive affirmations, simple rejection, panic, fear, ….. the more effect it has on your life based on the LAW of Balance

…. but not only with respect to the possibility of an undesired outcome of sickness we turn a blind I at the potential we do not like but also most commonly with respect to the sides of oneself that we consider “negative” and it is exactly this denial that will make their effect proportionatly stronger

…. we want to have more security by risking less

…. we want more without giving up more


… true relaxation only is possible if it alternates with stress and stretch and tension


….. and true teachers are lifelong students as well

… this LAW of Balance applies to every area of life – also creativity


and most importantly to the question of life and death

…. but you do not need to worry about these Duality issues , if you do not care if you

are sick or healthy, if you have or have not, if your reasoning is logical or irrational or if

you have found a way always only to remember, feel and see the UNITY, the ONENESS,

GOD in your life






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