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Here’s where your investigation starts. Within the ‘Business’-screens you can make a first analysis on where to look at to solve a certain business or personal business related question. The outcome of the analysis than shows you in which business expertise field you have look at further. Also you can find out which business disease most probably is the main cause of the results nowadays.

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Level Five Quaning is helping business coaches and consultants to deliver excellent results with their customers. Therefor we developed a business concept which consists of the following: usage of a brandnew methodology for coaching and consulting, laptop with Level Five Quaning software, training and coaching to be able to use the software instrument, personal coaching by quaning, certification to Level Five Quaning Partner, peer meetings, sales and marketing support and co-operation, update trainings, regular updates of software and content, technical and quaning help desk.

The instrument, which forms the core of the concept, is the business version of the well known Inergetix CoRe system. After developing content, testing and piloting, now the time arrived to give attention to the look and feel of the instrument. Kiran, who supported us from the beginning, was a great help. He created the images, and as you can see attached, they are magnificent. Seven images as the content is devided in 7 main fields of business expertise: Business, Customer Contact Center, Finance, Marketing, Organization, Sales, Personal.

The content of the screens is developed by co-operation with lots of expert in the different fields. To show you around I will give you a brief explanation per expert field.

Customer Concact Center
These screens can be used to analyse subjects within a Customer Contact Centers. The different screens you can choose are developed on the day-to-day operation within such a center. Think of: costs, key performance indicators, organization, quality, staff and telephone calls. You can also use these screens to analyse 1to1 business communication with a prospect or customer.

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The ‘Finance’-screens are developed to look at several financial aspects of an enterprise and where can be optimized and/or balanced in this area. The screens cover the most crucial financial areas as for example ‘Budgeting’, ‘Cost accounting’, ‘Management accounting’ and ‘Risk’.

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The ‘Marketing’-screens are very expanded. You can do analyses on a broad range of marketing issues, like there are ‘Market’, ‘Distribution’, ‘Price’, ‘Product’, ‘Promotion’, ‘Retail’ and ‘Understanding’. All again filled with a lot of subscreens containing specific information within these subjects. You can analyse as detailed as you like. For example on influence of environment and society, strategies, advertising, product development and launch, pricing and much more.

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Here are the screens most business consultants will find their expertise. Screens can be selected to look at an organization with a business consultancies eye and more. Think of culture, environment, governance, systems, processes and organizational structure.

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How can sales be best organized, which phases of the sales process need adjustment to achieve results, what kind of sales professional is best for the job, how to deal with buyer motivation, you can do opportunity assesments, how to prove value. These are all examples of areas you can investigate, analyse, within the ‘Sales’-screens.

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Here you can select screens on personal information and work-related screens. You can do an easy assessment on someones capabilities to do a certain job. What competencies or challenges one has, leadership development, skills development. Or find out what job suits best someones life intention. What withdraws someone to live the life meant for him. How to align with your lifes purpose. This is also the area where to select information to be communicated to this person to support his development.

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With this instrument the Level Five Quaning Partner can look at al kinds of business questions, together with his quanee. When quaning we always look at both business and personal information. Let me give you an example of a quaning case.

Quanee:                           female entrepreneur, mid 40s

Period of quaning:        9 weeks

Business question:        struggling to get her brand more solid on the market, how to improve business results.

Process:                           the first analysis on ‘Business’ showed we had to look at ‘Organization’ and ‘Personal’. Doing the next analysis within ‘Organization’ it showed we had to look deeper within the subscreen ‘Processes’. Talking about the processes within her company she told that she had problems with the work she outsourced. These companies didn’t deliver on time, gave priority to other orders, and fabrics she needed were not delivered in time. She decided to change these processes. She hired employees to do the work in-house, contracted freelancers to help when the employee was absent or work expanded. She found other parties who could deliver the same fabrics, so she wasn’t depending on one party to deliver anymore.
We also looked at the ‘Personal’ screen. One cause seemed to be working with trainees within Sales & Marketing. It costed her a lot of time to develop and manage them. On this she decided to stop working with trainees and hire an experienced Sales & Marketing professional.
Another analysis showed she had information in her informational system that said that she, being a woman, could never be a succesful entrepreneur. The instrument communicated information to bring this more aligned with her own personal life intention.

Result:                             after a period of 6 months her company achieved 50% more orders, employees are working with much more pleasure, people not fitting in the organization left on their own and could be replaced by employees more in connection with the intention of her company. The quanee herself is feeling more confident as a fullgrown female entrepreneur and generates more and more publicity and by that attracting more and more business opportunities herself.

Interested in descriptions of more cases? Please keep watching this forum …

Helma Lieberwerth – Level Five Quaning

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My name is Helma, born in 1962, married and mother of two adolescents, living in the Netherlands. I am working as a business and personal coach/trainer, using spirituality and NLP since 1998. I've started developing business content for the Inergetix-CoRe system in 2008, together with many professionals. I am using this business application of the tool in my coaching. With special focus on this application we have developed a business concept for coaches and consultants. You can read more about this on www.levelfivequaning.com

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