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I’ve been talking to Sonia and exploring the website looking for research. Not million-dollar so-called “gold standard” type stuff, but just some very basic studies to support the use of the CoRe system. I’m about to get a system and I’ve been 30 years in the CAM field (and edit a magazine/journal for practitioners) – I’m saying that up front to get across that I am not coming from an adversarial point of view. It’s more one of disappointment that there is – apparently – a dearth of evidence that I can put in front of professional colleagues.

For instance, it would not be costly nor difficult to put up a few examples of how  CoRe system’s dental findings correlate with what patients are told by their dentists. Similarly, it would be really great to see some records/results/case histories from Jacqueline Sohn’s practice demonstrating how the system’s read-out of meridians and points correlates or complements what she finds using TCM assessment.

What is baffling me is that I’ve been very impressed by the information on the CoRe site and by the effort that Kiran Schmidt has put in to provide an overview that no other manufacturer/supplier can be bothered to do. Kiran’s presentations on the Princeton study demonstrate how important he feels it is to have a scientific underpinning to the CoRe system. So I find it odd that there is this “hole” where the most basic research/evidence should be.

Is there any kind of formal or informal supporting research?  It would be nice, for instance, to see individual case histories or a series of case studies. The basic level research is not difficult or expensive to do – it is just record-keeping and/or data collection. There must be enough practitioners using the system by now to have generated a lot of material?
Thank you in advance for any help/comments anyone can offer.


Kiran’s  reply:

Dear All

this is the typical request for research ….. believing that modern medicine is based on a solid scientific evidence based foundation….

In fact the country that has most of it the USA has the sickest population and even people who can afford what is considered to be the best possible care like Michael Jackson die at age 50 while been stuffed with all this evidence based medicine.

On the other hand CAM like Homeopathy is considered to be so unproven that in several states in the USA even a medical doctor can loose his license if he uses it because of course everyone who is somewhat sober would know that nothing diluted a million times is still nothing and can have no effect what so ever.

You have to be stupid to believe in Homeopathyhttp://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/homeopathy-is-a-joke1-272x300.jpg 272w" sizes="(max-width: 481px) 100vw, 481px" />

You have to be stupid to believe in Homeopathy

I dont want to spend my and your energy on doing studies to prove that informational modalities work …. Homeopathy has not been able to convince the masses for 200 years certainly not those who make their living on the sickness of the masses (here is the result of a recent study of homeopathy) :

There is no sufficient evidence to prove Homeopathy ! http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/homeopathy-evidence-300x169.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 699px) 100vw, 699px" />

There is no sufficient evidence to prove Homeopathy !

Simon I guess you will look for this eveidence for the rest of your life “Truth will convince those with eyes to see … and will never convince the blind no matter how many words and studies are done”

Those blind like of course “THE DOUBLE BLIND STUDIES” and will not accept anything else ….. first the doctor should be blind to what he is giving (which anyway is usually the case as otherwise doctors would not prescribe what they usually are) and second the patient should be blind to what he is taking (of course considering what the doctor usually gives him … he better be blind)

But now from a more sober perspective…. double blind studies will never prove informational modalities because the remedy has to be “CLIENT SPECIFIC” to be work… but you can only do this if you match it correctly.

How many people would get an objective mood enhancement from driving a blue BMW ?
I think less than 15 % of the population….. can we therefore conclude the feeling of ecstasy that these 15% experience is a PLACEBO effect ?

Yes we do! and that is why we sell the CoRe as a Placebo device which finds reproducibly “the client specific PLACEBO INFORMATION ” that makes them better……
and this PLACEBO machine is certainly costing less than a BMW .. plus it works for more than 15 %


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  1. Dear Kiran, with the greatest respect you might have paid me the respect of reading my post before sounding off. Why the hostility to a genuine enquiry?
    I specifically stated that I hold that CAM does have evidence behind it and that most of modern medicine is NOT evidence-based.
    So, this was by no means the “typical request for research” and I was at pains to point out where I was coming from. I edit a CAM magazine and have been in this field for 30 years (to repeat): so I am at least as aware of the issues around orthodox medicine as you are. The fact that orthodox medicine doesn’t work all that well is irrelevant to the point I raised.
    I also specifically staqted that I ws NOT looking for the so-called “gold standard” – ie double-blind, placebo-controlled studies – which anyone with half a brain knows are next to impossible to do with something like bioresonance, or what you call “informational” therapies, so that part of your reply is also irrelevant. It is perfectly possible to test “client specific” homeopathy – or nutritional therapy, or chiropractic – or any other CAM modality for that matter, without testing specific remedies, and while respecting the individualisation of the therapy. Anyone who has been in the CAM world any length of time knows this.
    I’m not going to repeat the details of the kind of simple basic research I originally posted. What I will say is that just because so-called “scientific” medicine isn’t based on evidence, doesn’t mean that CAM should not be. We rely on evidence from many sources – our clinical experience,  our patients, our colleagues, our journals and yes, even the odd double-blind, placebo-controlled trial – and there are many showing the efficacy of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies (which I use) and homeopathic remedies (which I don’t); there is also evidence of the efficacy of different CAM mofdalities.
    “Research” is not a dirty word. It is a way of getting objective feedback, so that we can refine what we do and get it to work even better.
    What I’m puzzled about is that if you’re really not interested in research or evidence, why  have you invested so much energy in corresponding with the Princeton researchers and explaining to us the significance of their research to the CoRe system?
    Where the bleep does a blue BMW come into this?
    Placebo? Again, what has this got to do with anyhing? But OK, let’s go with that for a moment.
    You say you “sell the CoRe as a Placebo device which finds reproducibly “the client specific PLACEBO INFORMATION ” that makes them better……”
    Well that’s great. And I’m asking you how, with no research, no studies, and no evidence … how do you know?
    See, I don’t believe you don’t have any evidence that it works. You must have. If you didn’t you woldn’t be selling it. If you didn’t have evidence that the CoRe is supremely effective, you wouldn’t be telling us on your website about the comparative failings of other “informational” devices.  So what is your evidence and  would you share it with us?
    I’m puzzled by your response, which seems to take my question as an ignorant attack. It was neither.
    Still puzzled, and none the wiser.

    • Dear Simon et al,
      I absolutely agree with Dr. Schmidt that double-blind research studies will not serve the CoRe community.  As long as CoRe Inergetix maintains an honest client-centered approach to spiritual healing, double blind studies will backfire to discredit CoRe Inergetix.
      That’s because double-blind studies can be manipulated by selecting the pool to be tested. Drug companies do this all the time and they know how to select just the right pool of test subjects to obtain the result they want.  More than that, if their research fails, they select another pool of test subjects and another and another until they finally succeed in proving whatever they want to prove.  Then the FDA rubber-stamps their research, approves another drug or discredits another non-pharmaceutical approach.
      The problem is that if you do an honest double blind study proving anything that threatens any pharmaceutical  company profits, the drug companies will respond by doing several dishonest but legally conducted double-blind studies to conclusively prove you lied. They do that all the time.
      As a consequence, the preponderance of evidence being against you, the FDA, FTC  and other agencies will publicly discredit you and prosecute you. Thus dishonest people discredit the only honest research and researcher involved. Google “Royal Rife + FDA” and “Daniel Chapter One Church + FTC” for more on this subject.
      But there is a way honest people can get their message out there in spite of the odds against them. That’s through case studies that can be replicated by other practitioners. The greater the number of practitioners who obtain the same results by doing the same thing, the more that approach becomes the standard for care for that problem.
      The managing editor of a peer-reviewed journal launching this Summer will help you write your case study for publication at no cost to you. That journal will be called the International Medical Journal for Natural Therapies. The senior editors of that journal are Eric Braverman, M.D., Susan Lark, M.D., Keith Scott-Mumby, M.D. and Norman Sheely, M.D., Ph.D. — four giants in the natural and alternative health care industry. Their managing editor is Sara Greer an acclaimed ghost writer and the executive director of the Natural Therapies Association of North America.
      We’ll publish more on this subject later this month on the new Temple of AIM website located at Informational-Medicine.info/temple_index.htm, which we invite you to visit weekly for updates.

  2. Dear Simon and Kiran,

    For a while I ‘ve been thinking how to form a bridge between “regular” science and CAM. When I read your discussion I felt I wanted to share some of my thoughts. I’m from the Netherlands and I work with the CoRe now for two years. And everytime I’m thrilled how things work out on all levels. And yes sometimes the healing process goes in a way I did not expected, but it’s fascinating how things develop. My backround is biotechnology and I have studied the genetics of several microorganims for twenty years.So you can say I come from the “regular” scientific world.
    I quit my job in the lab and started as a therapist two years ago. With the CoRe I got inspired. There is one universal code for all living things and that is DNA. And DNA is also informational, what turns a gene on or off? Scientifically we say biofotons, but where do they come from? So I have started to put the human genes in the CoRe (42000) by name and chromosome location and have started to use them with my clients. What I’ve noticed is that when it is a real physical problem (and I know Kiran you will discuss what is real physical but I don’t have an other way to say it) one of my clients ended up back in the hospital.But when she came out,she was much better than she was before. This woman suffered a headache and became deaf after an earlier operation(she was suffering from that for 4 years already and have been to several CAM.)After treatment with the CoRe within a couple of weeks, stuff was coming out of her ears and she ended up in the hospital having finaly an other operation the docters refused to do earlier. What appeared? The first operation some cartilage was left there and that irritated and caused deaffness. Now she can hear without a hearing aid an her headaches are gone. Kiran you have said it doesnt matter what kind of information it is if it resonates it works. But I have seen that if I use all trays and the genetical ones (and yes I reevaluate only with 35% and higher so statisticaly they don’t have an advantage), in 95 % the genes are on top.After that come the organ systems. Why not use the knowledge of science. One and one is three.
    And the genetic code consist only of basically 4 compounds:
    ATGC (what reminds me of what Onno once posted, if you resonate with CCBSIDKSA it works, but we want to know and explane what we are doing, a genetic code we can look up)
    So what would happen if we put the genetic code of all genes in the Inergetix?

    As I said earlier just wanted to share my thoughts

    Best whishes,

    • Eugenie U. Bommer on

      Dear Yolanda!!!
      My daughter has Prader-Willi-Syndrom=PWS, a severe handicap caused by a Uniparental Disomy of Chromosome 15 where all genes are there, but a small amount is impregnated so that it is inactive. What you wrote is what I am following for quite some time. Find a system where this is feasible. But then how would one enter this info. One can find info on PWS in OMIM http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/dispomim.cgi?id=176270
      Please please give me some more hints!
      Thank you deeply in advance! Eugenie

      • Hello Eugenie

        wie do not treat diseases with the CoRe system but we can find the sprititual informational connection
        Physical or energetic changes are not intended nor can they be expected


      • Hi Eugene,
        I know that site you mentioned.
        Maybe you would like to exchange some thoughts with me?
        My email address is yolanda@bodyspectrum.nl
        Considering Kirans answer, this forum might not be the forum to discuss this.

        best wishes

        Kiran’s comment : Its not that this Forum is the wrong place to discuss it …. CoRe is not the tool to fix some Chromosomes….. you first have to understand that the idea of Genes being responsible for disease is very handicaped itself….. outdated, mechanistic and simply wrong. CoRe can help to find the informational /Spiritual connections, changes on the physical level cannot be expected and if they occur are coincidental.

        • I don’t look for the disease chromosomes I look what the gene tells me that resonates. With every client I test the 40000 genes and it is amazing what comes out.
          When you resonate with it it works,not? Otherwise you could leave the bodyparts also out of the system.

          best whishes,

  3. Great news about the new journal – thanks John.
    Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies would be difficulty,if not impossible, to set up for human interface technologies such as CoRe, however they do have theitr place and have been very useful in gaining acceptance for modalities such as nutritional therapy and herbal medicine.
    When I asked for evidence about CoRe, I was not tlakoing about DB, PC studies but other forms of research. As I said, we all gather avidence from many different sources, such as our clinical experience,  our patients, our colleagues, our journals – and well-documented single case reports and series of case histories are incredibly useful.
    The case that Yolanda shares is, well, a case in point 🙂 This is just the sort of clinical story/anecdote that I personally was looking for as evidence of what CoRe does in practice.

    Yolanda I am very exictred by what you are doing. In nutritional therapy, as you may know, we are swinging towards “nutrigenomics”, which is the abioity to influence gene expression by supplying or withdrawing specific nutrients, which thus  “pushes” or inhibits metabolic pathways.
    I would love to learn more about your ideas. Will we be able to use the genes in a similar way?  (I haven’t got my system yet. so excuse my ignorance.) (If you can tell me, my email is otherwize AT fusemail.com )

    Miguel – this is just the kind of co-oerdination we need (in my opinion).  It is good that there is an independent journal for case histories, but I fervently feel we  should ourselves be collecting our healing stories and sharing them among the CoRe community; thak you for taking the intiative as far as the more science-minded practitioners are concerned.

    • Dear Otherwize,
      I too have yet to receive my System and am anxious to have it arrive. My mind would also prefer to “prove” upon using it. However…
      How could collecting healing stories be possible? The CoRe system does not heal the body. No known machine can heal, intrinsically that is. However that being said, the system IMHO works on a spiritual realm meaning that which cannot be seen, proven or even understood for that matter. Thus far, the only thing the machine can do is produce a healing of a spiritual nature. As in “I am a spiritual being having a human experience. ”  This statement is not provable, and yet most of the planet that are religious believers of some sort, do believe the statement to be true, as in the soul inhabits the body and leaves upon death. No scientific proof is known, and probably will never be known.
      For example, regarding preaching the gospel. It has been preached for several thousands of years now, and yet there is no proof that these teachings have been approved by any god or archetypal being. We can teach things and not need proof of the teaching based on one fact and one fact only, that would be faith. Faith that everything occurs in divine order. EVERYTHING experienced is just that, a man made experience based on what we believe to be true. No matter what , it is ALL made up. Scientifically or not , is is all just a facad based on a man made experience.
      That being said, there IS no known cure for the disease of belief. No known resource cd software that will end human suffering. No known way of knowing what should be done to eradicate human frailties. We just have to pray, ( in a fashion that results in whatever prayer means to you), pray that all is not lost, that indeed the physical realities of life are meant to entertain us and not to disuade us from the reality of biblical structure. For if it is true that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience”, then the body that we each occupy would be tandamous to being in a car, as a vehicle to experience. I am NOT my car, I believe that . Not sure how to prove it though. (Laughing Out Loud).
      So from this I surmise, I am not my body, I am not my mind. I HAVE a body , I HAVE a mind. I cannot heal them any more than I can heal a goat. They are not me. But I can heal my beliefs and turn the tide that way, to new understanding and new ways of being that will set me up for more positive outcomes.
      And this can only be summed up in one sentence. I am a public warehouse of stored energy and stored realites based on my beliefs of realities and synchronicities, proven only by my say so and by not science, as science is yet to define literally the truth of existence. Even Plato once said something to this fact, “We are only here to experience the overwhelming contemplations that resides in us all”.
      Thank you for allowing me to share.
      Sincerely, MsFiction1