Magnetic field therapy PMFT and Heart Rate Variability HRV


I have been quiet for some time to focus at what I love doing most :  “Research and Development”

of methods and devices that make us more healthy, happy and spiritual beings

here are 3 of the results that I will present next month in Rome :


There are lots of magnetic therapy devices on the market but they all can be classified in 2 groups. Firstly and more common are those that use low modulated currents and then there are those that use huge bursts of electric current. The first have the advantage that the magnetic field that is been generated can be customised for a given patient for example with our CoRe algorithm but as the resulting magnetic field strength is proportional to the change of current these devices can only create relatively very weak magnetic fields in the micro tesla range. The second group that all use some version of a tesla generator produce strong magnetic pulses that are however all of only nano or micro second duration that makes it very questionable to what extend biological processes are able to respond and it is not possible to modulate these fields for example in a biofeedback mode.

The question that kept me busy was if there was a technology that allowed to combine the advantages of both – in other words how to create something of an MRI magnetic field strength in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 Tesla of MRI equipment that creates these fields with superconducting coils at a lower cost while on the other hand avoiding primitive tesla coils that can create huge field strength but only for nano seconds.

The result I will be able to present in Rome – it uses a new technology that was developed for a particle accelerator in USA that can modulate up to 100 Ampere with kilo herz frequencies and as a result we get magnetic fields thousands of times higher than all of the conventional modulatable magnetic field therapy devices. I expect very new therapy success as this will allow to control high magnetic field strength with the CoRe algorithm. The device is also designed for stand alone mode where it can be driven by any frequency generator, audio signal or the BEaMEr

NON-Tesla High power that can be modulated

2. if you have ever attended any of my seminars you know that there was always the driving question on how to find the things in life that are truly RESONANT that means that have the power and energy to change your health and happiness because they are perfect fits with a persons energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual design. The CoRe system has countless success stories based on its ability to match a person with resonant information that is found via coincidence recognition.

My quest however was if there were other ways to find such matches that are based on more conventionally acceptable methods of measuring. In this context I studied HRV Heart Rate variability as it is accepted believe that “The Heart Knows” maybe its even equivalent with what is called “Gut feelings”. I tested several HRV equipment that claim that they can find what is good for a person just from a HRV reading – however all this I found was just as non-reproducible as all conventional radionics systems.

Now I stumbled upon a method that shows great possibilities to read the heart to find what is truly resonant with a persons EIGEN – and I will show this in a first version also in Rome.

Heart Rate Variability Eigenvector

3. Paramount to it all is the universal and my personal quest on how to deal with polarities which means how to react to what we usually call difficulties, set-backs, disappointments, sickness in a way that makes them the least painful but at the same time the most useful for learning and transformation.
All education and culture has developed countless ways to reduce the impact of polarities, first and foremost by fitting-in and going with the flow and thus reducing friction or on the other hand by diverting the energy by means of methods like blaming and explaining. Both do not realise the transformative value of difficulties and suffering.

using polarity to grow with the least pain

I believe that in order to reduce suffering in all areas of life and sickness and particularly in that of health as much as possible we have to understand the purpose of polarities and the many ways we have been misguided in trying to evade them. This will be my third topic in Rome. 9, 10 and 11 June 2016

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