At all times existed the knowledge that our physical and energetic world is guided by an informational level that had received various names.

Plato called it “The world of ideas”,

the Indians  “Akashik records”,

or in recent times Morphological, Vaccuum, Intrinsic data, Zero-energy field or Astral realm

and lately it became a bestseller as Hyper, Sub or Metha space or the Field of Variations


Few of you if any have heard this number of concepts united in a single paragraph, as for most the knowledge about this matter does not go further than having heard the name. For those who pretend to be experts we will mostly find that ideas of energy physics are mixed to explain this field that in fact is completely different from anything that we know about energy fields.

1. First and foremost information is not just a state of modulation of energy it has an existence independent from energy which expands Einstein’s wold view dramatically that our world only exists of Matter and Energy.

2. Information is not in the first place directed by energy but information on the contrary is directing energy. (For example it is information which determines in which direction we direct energy.)

3. Information has more degrees of freedom than energy as it is not limited by time and space and as a result does not follow concepts of quantity and loss like matter and energy.

4.  Information is the missing link between the physical realm of matter/ energy and Consciousness. Most importantly is as different from consciousness as Matter is different from Energy.

In the coming month I will develop the science of

A) the laws and structure of this realm

B) examples of modalities that work with it

C) explain how the CoRe system is able to connect to the matrix

and I invite all of you to contribute posts that describe what you know or could find in the literature of what is known about this realm in the different traditions that describe it

Also all of you have a first hand experience with the most complex communication network ever created by humans, the internet. The internet however is only a faint attempt to re-create the informational matrix that connects all that exists, matter, energy, life-forms. all possible thoughts, events, modes of experience. 294w" sizes="(max-width: 595px) 100vw, 595px" />

... example of all the connections of one person on the internet


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