MS Client Now DRIVING !

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Hi Everyone,

Thomas and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

Our best gift this year was that our dear friend and client Bree, was showing improvement in her health…..

Our Christmas present is that Bree is now driving!  she continues to receive health benefits since using the CORE

My comments to Kiran !

“it is soo soo worth it,  this is my client with MS …. now driving… it is amazing!

thanks to you Kiran making this possible with CORE…

1             Bree had to be helped into my office

2             Bree started to improve and walk better

3             Bree walked well

4             Bree  rode a bicycle

5             Bree is now driving

Bree is now driving! it is amazing and wonderful to see this….. Bree has her own system now and is being trained to become a practitioner on the CORE .

Bree uses the system on herself and is doing very well… Bree wanted to feel better and regain her strength, she not only achieved this, but she is a very talented musican and singer and is now doing what she loves best.  She is regaining her health and now has purpose..

To all the CORE users and practitioners out there, please help others improve the quality of their lives and also find a purpose to help  them when they appear to be lost…

We would like to thank everyone who has attended our courses and also thank you all for your support during the year.

This year has been great for the Australian and New Zealand CORE community as we have achieved our TGA certification..

For all the Australians and New Zealanders, please remember Kirans seminar on February 19th and 20th in Melbourne … no matter which part of the world you come from,  all are welcome to attend

contact number 03 9884 0309

warm regards

Katherine and Thomas Tassioulas


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  1. Hello Katherine,

    Amazing results! How many sessions of Core and how frequently, to get this kind of results? Got a friend who’s got this desiquilibrium and I’m curious about the time needed to get results on this.

    Best wishes




    Kiran’s comment :

    Katherine can say something on this point but please start to get a distance from this “western virus” of HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE

    First it is different for everyone – second it depends not on CoRe or the disease but on how quickly the person can and wants to change and thirdly

    this thinking in terms of “HOW LONG>>>>>” is the reason for most diseases in the first place – so by putting more expectations in this respect – you as the therapist become an obstacle for change rather than help