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what follows is Daniela’s contribution on my question “What is Energy” and I am amazed how much we resonate on an informational level, it does not onlycontain the answer for this question but also the answer of the next question which I am posing today…. thats good isn’t it ?

Daniela is the sister of Lucian who is Math Professor in USA and who  did his comment on the “mathematical dimension” and one of the statements thathe made was  “Energy is the currency  of Change” what this has to do with my question about money and information and their relation ship to energy Iwill reveal next week.


PS : “opinions” as Daniela says are usually “noise” but as you know I give a very different value to every  random phenomenon, be it noise or something comparable, as it is the source/ chaos/ primordial soup from which things are coming/ created, no need to avoid/ degrade/ disregard it – on the contrary this will be the topic of science for the next hundred years.

On “What is Energy?”



I was wondering…

Why does Kiran open the space for opinions (noise?) on such a huge question like “What is energy? „Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them”, says Henry Ford in one of Kiran’s quotes. So, why not try to think about the problem…

But then… How can a person who is neither a physicist nor a scientist of any kind take up the challenge to say something about what energy is, without ‘lying’ – that is, without talking as if one knows when one does not have the knowledge? „Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal”, says the quote from Albert Camus. So, why not try to stop ‚normal’ thinking…

Therefore, since I love to take part in the Glass Bead Game that Kiran is leading as Magister Ludi (see the post about Herman Hesse and CoRe), I will enjoy contributing to the quiz by risking some guesses (!) and sharing some ‚thinking experiments’.

a riddle/ uncertainty/ entropy/ potential/ possibilitieshttp://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/A-Riddle1-216x300.jpg 216w" sizes="(max-width: 462px) 100vw, 462px" />

„What is wrong with this definition? In what way does it contradict a key law of physics as well as actual experience?” – It does not take into account the role of information, the reason for the manifestation of energy as potential, kinetic, thermal, electromagnetic or other forms of energy. From this perspective, it is not energy, but information that has “the potential to do work” and more particularly the potential for change. The contradiction could relate to a law of thermodynamics, according to which „work performed by a system is the quantity of energy transferred by the system to another due to changes in the external parameters of the system”. If we consider information as ‘potential for change’ or ‘uncertain energy/entropy’, as Kiran says, then the transfer and transformation of energy is the result of events at another level (information) than the ‘matter’ (substance, force, energy) level. It’s not the external parameters of a system that change, but the “entropy/uncertain energy/information”. In this context, the DLE concept is fundamental since it shows that the ‘uncertain state’ of a system can be the ‘link’ that makes possible the actualization of events from the information (and consciousness?) level.


“What other definition of Energy could you give that does not create this contradiction?” – Energy is information taking action, either as potential form or as dynamic process. It can be regarded as information ‘in formation’ (Kiran), while the connections in informational space can be considered the reason for energy flow. The actual ‘work’ done by the energy depends on polarity, the information that acts in and upon the system. The classical principle of the conservation of energy (“any form of energy can be transformed into another form, but the total energy always remains the same”) could be correlated with the idea that some ‘property’ of information could be the constant that determines whether one form energy is transformed into another form.


„We can observe every day that what information we deal with either gives us energy or burns it.”(Kiran)


Since dealing with information related to energy and information gave me extra energy, I will spend some on the money-energy ‘riddle’.

Riddles usually have one right answer. What if multiple choice answers were also possible?


Money can be matter. Nice or ugly coins and bills. You can take, give, find, loose or be robbed of.


Money can be potential energy. It can prompt you into action or in-action. It can transform itself into something else. Money flows and freezes. It’s a sort of ‘water’ – as in cash flow, frozen assets, liquidities…-  influencing the growth and decay of the world.


Money can be information. It can influence your mind and stir your emotions. It often determines what you do in and with your life.


Money can be pure potentiality. It is an abstraction that can turn into anything, depending on information, conditions and conditioning.


Money is a function, a relationship. You can gain, earn, spare or spend. It can structure your life in a subtle way, because the important issue is not money, but… payment. For something you want or you don’t want. Whether you pay with money or in gold, you render a service or give up a pleasurable habit, the sages say that you always have to pay. Most of the time you need to pay in advance. A wise life-riddle which sometimes comes up in CoRe evaluations is: “What would you be ready to pay for getting what you want?” Usually, the issue is not related to money payments…


Eagerly looking forward to reading the key-post Kiran promised for the New Year, I am sure it will help me see the big picture about the relationships between matter-energy-information-consciousness more clearly and it will stimulate some exciting… ‚thought experiments’.


Wholeheartedly, I wish each one of you all,

an Extra-Ordinary 2010!


In friendship,


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