nature of the Rife frequencies?


Here is the simplest possible topic (i think) for energy-informational medicine, which i do not really understand:

What is the nature of the Rife frequencies?

What exactly are their properties?

How are they specifically used in CoRe 5.0?

Any theoretical results about them?

Mark Friedman


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I am a Mathematician with a deep interest in alternative healing modalities and Consciousness research. My (conventional) area is computational nonlinear dynamics, including chaos.


  1. Gentlepeople,

    Great questions Mark.

    In the simplest terms I know, the Rife frequencies tend to create a hostile environment where bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses and defective cells cannot continue to survive. Specific Rife frequencies tend to affect specific organisms.

    In my experience, I believe the CoRe version of the Rife Frequencies tends to support the immune system on a spiritual level so the body is able to remove unwanted cells and organisms.