New-age doctrines – that make us sick


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For many of the reader of this forum it might be understandable that dogmatism of any sort has great potential for being the cause of informational illness – here you will learn that also the opposite – denial of limitations, of fate or making  equality, denial of teacher-ship a religion has equal potential to act as an informational virus

I have been making several negative statements about “new age philosophy” – because unobserved it is the reason for many informational diseases today.

And mostly we are not aware of them as they seem so “unquestionable true” e.g. :

1. Everybody is equal

2. There is no better or worse spiritual way

3. Everybody should have total freedom of choice

4. Everybody can reach anything that he wants

and as a consequence

5. There is no sin

6. I am as much Jesus as anyone

7. My salvation comes from me

8. Nobody can tell you anything


and as a further consequence

9. If I do not make it – it is only me to blame

10. I am really on my own

11. I don’t know – but asking anyone would give my freedom away

12. I have to be special – because the UNIVERSE only waits to give me what I want –

I have to show the world that I make good use of this blessing that is so freely available

I would have to be rather dull if I had not more success in relationship, have more money,

be more healthy than the people around me – who know nothing about the law of ATTRACTION


Thanks God (I mean UNIVERSE) – We have been given this SECRET how to get anything you want

and we have made such advancement over all the past centuries that thought it needs a church, an intermediate, a teacher

the saints – to get closer to your potential – USA philosophy has proven this is all utter nonsense – We are a Free people

Dont you think that this is very basic “unquestionable truth” – if yes I say you belong to the majority of people today.

These 4 “statements of faith” are in fact not originally “New age” but US american believe-system. AND this nation has killed more people in the last 60 years, starting from its victory over Germany that started its world domination. Then maybe any other country in such a relatively short time.

All under one motto “to protect the free world – first from Fascism, then Communism and now Terrorism” because we all have to have the “freedom of speech” and as usual with any dogma it turns into its own opposite.

So much about this creed on the level of nations but it is equally poisonous on an individual level :

This idea that everyone is equal and that nobody  should ever take the role of  “knowing more than  the average” has given rise to thousands of church and sects and because they all have to fight for members they have to come up with more and more ridiculous dogmas to make themselves stand out.

For those who do not follow any religious group, they  have to fight for their individuality and their unique way of being at every point because deep down they feel like a speck of dust with out any roots anywhere.

Then “Everybody can reach anything that he wants” sounds good and as the SECRET tells its believers – “the Universe only waits to fulfill anything that you want to attract in your life” – how many people feel so stupid and useless if things do not come their way – although they are told from every corner it is all within their reach.

So if I have really the freedom of choice and the BMW I want or the girlfriend I desire is not coming my way – at least I can choose at Starbucks from a mind-boggling variety of coffees and – “I will make sure I get it EXACTLY the way I want to attract it”

AND if you preach these simple ideas you will be successful

Ophra : “The reason why I am so excited about THE SECRET is because it is the message that I am trying to teach for the last 21 years – that everyone is responsible for their own life”

USA is deeply polarized between the hyper-dogmatic christians and about the same number of people who follow the above statements of believe – like Ophra

and of course the other side fights back (and both sides are missing the DLE )











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