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Memory Crystals

From the ancient time Quartz Crystals were use to heal and balance the body and mind – It is well known and documented fact but only the recent discovery in science and metaphysics gives to these ritualistic and eccentric fields a definite scientific basis.The quartz crystals have 6 remarkable features. They are able to organize, accumulate, amplify, concentrate, communicate and transform energy and information.

Memory Crystals Quartz Memory Crystals Personalized Memory CrystalsMemory Crystals Memory Crystal

We are able with the CoRe system to inform them with personalized information. Quartz will transmit information to a glass of water if you bring them into physical contact.

Once imprinted – information will hold to it for an indefinite amount of time and literally become a personal applicator for an individual use.

Similar to the information transfer in homeopathy we have found it beneficial, if you make 10 gentle pounding motions (similar to succession) of the substrate that is to be informed on the crystal base.

Please be aware that we have not confirmed any way to delete information and that we recommend only to inform generic beneficial information. Information can however added or repeated at any moment in time.

Possible use:

  • Inform every package of remedies that you give to your client with information that generically is beneficial for healing.
  • Inform common household utensils with the qualities that you consider to be positive added qualities.
  • Inform presents that you give to loved ones with the message that you want them to carry
  • Inform learning material for yourself or your children with Information that will make the learning easier
  • Inform foods and beverages with beneficial information


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  1. I have a question about the crystals. Can I use any quartz Christal to inform the information?

    Kiran’s reply

    Yes you can, you dont necessarily use our crystal coasters, we just sell them at our cost, selected by Vlad
    and me personally in my favorite place in Brazil. The Information is not an energy-process but an informational one….. and you know from your own experience you can write on almost anything if you want to leave the message. More money oriented competitors sell you their salt solutions at ONLY 25$ a vial together with the miss-information that it will only work with THEIR formulation….

    On the informational Matrix things work differently then for energy and matter and you all know much more how information works then energy …. think about how you can make communication more effective…. think simple ….. and you all know that putting your message on a beautiful stationary will have more impact than writing it on a piece of scrap paper….. but all this sounds unscientific for ears that lack emotional (informational) IQ