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As you can see – we are giving the Health Navigator some of the hardest tests possible at the beaches of Brazil Sand-Sun-Sweat-Sunscreen-Salty water – 5 S that make most engineers tremble – but our German Engineers have mastered this challenge – thank you

On the picture you see our new MindResonator LED glasses – that have become a great selling arguments in Brazil –what else they have to offer besides good looks and sun-protection – please read here :

Hemi-Sync® was developed by Robert Monroe . His whole life he was drawn to the exploration of OUT OF BODY experiences. I had possibly enough of that after my accident in Egypt – but this pointed me at investigating CoRe in respect to the way it interfaces with the Informational Matrix.

The Monroe institute is a good source for many aspects of mind-energy interaction (however also they mix in Consciousness – without an idea how to discriminate it from mind-activity)

Like Monroe I hold that the key to an understanding  mind potential, is the exploration of the work of the 2 hemispheres,  not seprarate from each other but in what makes them work together.

One of the central ideas is that of the “Binaural Beat” that is created and experienced when 2 frequencies of similar frequency are overplayed,

The creation of the 3rd tone in the brains is a simple effect of interference, that is well understood in physics. However why this should help for learning, out-of-body experiences stop smoking, help dieting, improve athletic performance, or even tackle erectile dysfunction is doubted mainly because science has no way to explain it.

Also here the concept of the DLE gives a new approach. Interference of 2 polarities is the basis for DLE, just like in holography the overlaying of two laser beams provides the interference pattern that  makes the 3D reconstruction possible. Humans have always done with the interference that is possible with 2 eyes or 2 ears. The importance of interference between the polarities is discussed here I expand it from the contemporary limitation to wave-interference to all the mental, emotional, sensory and spiritual interferences that we so often experience as discomforting and thus have classified them as undesirable.

Hemi-Sync® is another way to create these life-giving interferences. Hemi-Sync® works only with very primitive single infrequences or more or less arbitrary new age music creations and still has shown so much potential.

We improve on that by

A) having the CoRe system play 2 Frequencies synchroniously and thus create the DLE effect

B) use the CoRe algorythmus to find exactly those 2 pattern of frequencies that match a given client specifically

C) be able to create this binaural beat not only sound-wise but also in form of electricity, magnetism and Plasma-Light 300w" sizes="(max-width: 806px) 100vw, 806px" />

With the CoRe system and Health Navigator or Health Integrator both sides are controlled separately as the Right Eye is predominantly connected to the left hemisphere and the left eye to the right hemisphere (just compare the eyes of autistic children and you will see the difference) 300w" sizes="(max-width: 744px) 100vw, 744px" />

Will find that using the MindResonators amplifies any other treatment you do with the CoRe system – be it electric or magnetic – and all this at a very affordable price please contact or your distributor for details 300w" sizes="(max-width: 794px) 100vw, 794px" />


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  1. Hello Kiran!

    It’s very interesting but I really have trouble to  concentrate my brain on the product so the girl is beautiful.
    Seeing the photo I want to meet the girl not to buy the product. . Kiran do you think it’s a good idea to combine a beautiful girl with a product like this happens in all the publicity today.
    If you have their coordinates I‘m interested if one day I go to Brazil.



    Kiran’s comment :

    Confusion or distraction by beautiful things is a form of DLE – now you know why I am so creative here in Brazil – the ratio male to female is in Brazil about 1 / 3 – so you can imagine how beautiful the woman have to be to survive with this competition and how dull and ugly man can be and still make a good match.