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  1. Dear Kiran,

    I very much appreciate this Quadtrinity approach as it fits perfectly in the mode I use these elements in my clinic. Assessing the balance or stress of the four it is possible respectively easier to find the message behind a disease – and to support the patient to find a way out. Given that almost any chronic disease is a hidden form of suicide, the assessment of the four compartments allows for to indicate where the major problem has its roots and where the emergency exit could be located. The only prerequisites are that the patients get aware of the roots of their problems and get to understand that the solutions are already available in them. I assume that especially in this latter part the Quadtrinity evaluation will be very helpful.

    Hope you had a restful Easter


    Dear Folker

    yes there is so much potential in this 4-fold view of the world – particularly if one understands the fractal nature of all these 4 divisions.
    Its great that you will make a presentation about that at our Iceland conference and at the September seminar in Lake Constance – Coincidently Mesmer was born at Lake Constance – and the LaesEr Bioresonance sytstem really is the first system that makes the effects that he was working with visible