October Seminar in Koh Samui/ Thailand & Sharing opportunity with the CoRe System


Seminar in Koh Samui/ Thailand & Sharing opportunity with the CoRe System

Dear Therapist, friend, customer

In October we will resume our 10 Year tradition of CoRe-user conventions – this time in beautiful Koh Samui – Thailand on 12-14 October.

This years focus will be on how to “Reset into the FlowZone”. There are already more than 50 participants signed up for this event – which promises to be a new landmark event – our company team from California Sandra, Sonia and Ezio will come which will give you the opportunity to get to know them in person and to ask all your questions.

Also there will be particularly experienced CoRe users – particularly from Italy, Brazil,Portugal, Croatia, China who share their knowledge.

Apart from all this Kiran will present the new FlowZone Reset – magnetic pull generator – new additions to the CoRe software and a New companion App that works together with a wearable that is designed to create many energetic Resets during the day – a patent pending revolutionary concept and gadget.

Besides this you will experience one of the most beautiful places on earth – the island Koh Samui in Thailand and Kiran will share his enthusiasm for this place that brings him here since 37 Years and that he made his home now.

This event is free and Debora debora[@]HealthNavigator.net will help you with all questions regarding transportation and accommodation or any other question you might have.

see you soon

Please see Kiran’s Facebook for details :
or search for his ID KIRANSCHMIDT

New Sharing opportunity with the CoRe System


Do you like the work and results with your CoRe system ?
Do you know other Therapists that might also be interested in using the CoRe system ?

Then we have the following offer for you :
We send one of our 3 Systems configurations which you can leave it with an interested person for up to one month so they can see the kind of results that we know are possible with the CoRe system.

Given the great work you are doing with the CoRe System, we are very interested in your opinion because we are working to increase the diffusion and practice of the Inergetix CoRe System, so we consider you part in this project:

We are offering our best customers the chance to be selected to engage a trusted and esteemed colleague who wants seriously test the CoRe System; The purpose is to let the colleague to become aware of its potential by making it a direct experience before investing.

The manufacturer will provide a complete CoRe System among the new European configurations (IS, FS and BRS) for those who are most interested and willing to contribute.
IMPORTANT: The system is free for use, in return the new practitioner only needs to use it seriously and professionally, documenting the results obtained with real testimonials, for the whole time of use; further details will be provided if you are interested in our proposal.

The commitment that is required to CoRe customers to be selected will be simple:
Connect, train and inspire a possible new user and follow up with them during the 3-4 weeks in which they have a system on loan.
This commitment will be rewarded with an extraordinary commission of 20% on the price of the system.

If you are interested – please write to us – what system you own, how long you own it and how much you use it.
How many colleges you have that you want to introduce the system to and if you would possibly also willing to reach out to other therapist in your area – that also you don’t know them yet – might also be possibly interested in having a system for a free trial.

For this please contact sonia[@]HealthNavigator.Net or Andrea Gadducci if you live in Europe a.gadducci[@]biot.it


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