Portable Bioresonance Rife Biofeedback energy wellness therapy


After almost 2 years of development, I can say I am very happy with the result. The BEaMEr is the smallest device of its kind, a device that is wearable 24/7  for frequency therapy.

Energy medicine has a great track of success stories and I wanted to built on the expereince with the Health Navigator and the Bioresonance LaesEr from the last 7 years and integrated it into a device that cuts costs and is available for more people all the time.

1. TENS (transcutaneus electric nerve stimulation), PMFT (pulsed magnetic frequency therapy, ligth and infrared LASER light therapy all widely used because of their effectiveness – now they are available in one device

2. Attachable Heartbeat and energy field sensor for Eigen-Frequency therapy

3. Integrated Frequency Generator

but most importantly the possibility to load the client specific frequencies generated

with the CoRe system or the Virtual Doctor website – to be launched later this week.

AND its just different if you have a treatment once a day or 24/7 supported by informational communication – feeling  is believing.

More information here : www.TruePowerBalance.com

We are looking for Distributors, this device that can be used for a wide variety of issues and for home use. Also it can be rented out for short durations by any therapist who wants to bring energetic therapy to every minute of a clients life and thus manyfold his successrate and on the side make some income for device rentals. We can give good quantity discounts, please write about your professional background, if and what you are selling right now or what sales experience you  had in the past. Simply a little more than “I want to become your distributor”

also if  you are connected to an Institution (not just a single therapist of privat user) that has the ability to do clinical studies for a specific health issue and want to test the BEaMEr please contact Kiran@HealthNavigator.net with details about your professional background, the issue for which you want to do tests, what modalities you are using currrently and why your institution has the capacity to do such a study.




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