Possible consequences of the New Age interpretation of Quantum Physics


Even before Quantum Physics it was clear that different people experience the same situation in very different ways, and the reason was clear – God created your world in a way that best suits your development.

The German creators of Quantum Physics Heisenberg, Schrödinger and Pauli did not make any metaphysical interpretation  of the results but simply stated “What one observes in a given situation is described by a statistical probability”, just like when you do some activity an insurance company can tell you the statistical likelihood that you will have an accident – but they luckily don’t tell you that you will always be at fault.

American New Age under the influence of the US Virus which dictates “You can do it yourself – You can attract to your life whatever you wish” came up with the now religious believe that “You are the creator of any outcome of an experiment, even if you are only the observer, just as you can and do create everything in your life, via the law of attraction.”

The idea finds great resonance as finally we do not need God or the laws of physics anymore – we are the creators – what a liberation compared to the olden days !

I know that this believe is creating enormous problems and is the reason for countless diseases.

First of course if you believe that you are the creator there is only you to blame if things do not go the way you would wish them to go.

Second and even more important, from my own experience in my personal RESET. When your EGO collapses because major reference points in your life are taken out, like friends or relatives, health, money, living environment an enormous amount of energy rushes in.

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The gates of heaven are opened because you do not separate yourself anymore with little desires and believes. This would be wonderful if you had been prepared for this event in years of spiritual practice that created a Sense-of-Self that is independent of your believes and desires which form your EGO.

However most people today have only the “spiritual”/vanity  idea that they are the creators of their lives, instead of humility. So the concept of GOD is not in place to form a grounding rod and the unprepared is going insane not able to channel the suddenly available energy, as he spend his life fortifying the believe that he is the cause of everything that happens to him.

This explains why it is so important to learn humility, the realization of your own insignificance, before any collapse of EGO ? With the believe that you are God, the creator of your life, you will be like a comet that enters the atmosphere, you will burn up – with the external and very common symptoms of Hallucinations, sleeplessness, inability to path your speed of activities, not be able to respect any social rules any-more, even jump out of the window believing you are God and can decide to fly. Symptoms that are steadily on the rise in conjunction with any psychological illness not only Bi-polar/ Schizophrenia/ Labile/ Manic/ dissociative identity disorder/ split personality or even simple  mood swings.

So better don’t take this “You are the Creator” Idea so serious.


PS : Most or all great discoveries and creations are the result of this EGO collapse. It  liberates such unmanageable amounts of energy like in the case of Van Gogh or Michael Jackson that they eventually kill their unprepared vessel. In other cases like that of Wolfgang Pauli or of myself people are lucky to be given some guidance to get them through :

http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/Pauli-reset-300x69.jpg 300w, http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/Pauli-reset-1024x236.jpg 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 1587px) 100vw, 1587px" />

from (very worth reading) : http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/jse_11_3_atmanspacher.pdf


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