Practitioner Training “A Message to CoRe Users”


We would like to express our most humble thanks to Katherine who has gone above and beyond her role as a distributor to being a facilitator and educator of all who purchase a system through her.  The CoRe Inergetix system contains so much potential to aid humanity and it is the responsibility of all who purchase it to become as proficient as possible in its use.  Without Katherine’s brilliant mind and generous heart, our ability to achieve the excellence required to help people in chronic and debilitating situations would have been a long and drawn – out journey.  Her knowledge is impeccable and enables truly amazing clinical results.  So Katherine, here is to many fulfilling years of ahead of working with people on their journey to true health – Salute!

Rachel (Chiropractor / Kinesiologist) and Stefan Presetti (Reiki Master)

Paradigm Health Group

Canberra: 0403 884 077 or (02) 6162 4102 (Vitality Centre)


Practitioner Training Course  “A Message to CoRe Users”

We have had much interest in the upcoming Practitioner Training Workshop that will be held inMelbourne on the 29th and 30th of October 2011.

We are also pleased to advise you that I will be presenting the weekly online training for Inergetix-CoRe in Novemeber

There has been also allot of interest from overseas users, so we will be preparing an online practitoner training course within the next few months

The training we provide is so that you can further your  education in energetic and informational medicine,

Our   Practitioner training workshops, are competency based and hands on as we all work with the program and through the exercises

We are expanding our training to give people greater knowledge and the benefits of the inergetic CoRe system

The Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty.,Ltd is one of the accredited trainers with the Energetic & Informational Medicine Association that you may decide to become members of…

We will be preparing more courses and workshops throughout the year for whomever would like to attend…..

The practitioner training in v6 of the Inergetix-CoRe program will be a part of a larger training within the New year….

we are also creating workshops and online courses to be available to those who cannot attend the workshops.

Our training manual is designed to take into account every user / purchaser with little or no knowledge and train you to being very competent users and practitioners and being able to create your customised modules and screens

Some of the training that the manual covers is Navigating the tool bar, setting up client sessions, evaluations, communications, and auto / communications …. informing / generating client numbers.. pre evaluations

Custom communication and many exercises

We have created this manual  so it helps people understand how to use the system better and also for practitioners to customise the treatments for their clients..

The manual can always be added to as we progress through the program..

We also provide assistant with   setting  up your CoRe program and using it effectively for anyone that has purchased a system..

we can help and guide you in adding new resonances, frequencies and screens to your system therefore customising it to enhance your experience with Inergetix-CoRe,  we can also help you with updates

In the past we have prepared programs to assist our clients in many avenues of their lives and also help with agriculture, businesses, animals, plants .. the list is endless…

We can also help users create customised modules even if they are not able  to attend a workshop… please book a time with us to help you

We can customise the training you need so just email us your requirements

we also provide practitioner level training for anyone that is using CoRe v5  we can provide this service in person or by webinars

Please feel free to contact me on my private email address and also

We hope that you will join us either in person or online for your training

Warm regards

Katherine and Thomas Tassioulas


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