Pseudo-scientific explanations about Bioresonance

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Wherever today people are faced with phenomenon they cannot explain they say this is a phenomenon either of

A) Frequenicies

B) Quantumeffect

C) Energy

this gives everybody a feeling “I KNOW” without ever thinking further or doing experiments.

The situation is not different then 500 years ago where every unexplainable observation was caused by

A) The Father

B) The Son

C) The Holy Spirit

again everyone involved was satisfied and did not think  further

In New Age Circles everything has a Frequency Herbs, Essential Oils, Bad Behavior, Crystals, Sacred Places….. nobody cares that Physics from which they borrowed the concept cannot measure anything – for them  it is clear “Contemporary science is just too dull to admit that it exist”s or their instruments are just too insensitive to measure what everyone can feel with their own hands.

Here is my offer I guarantee anyone 20 000 $ who can show me how he measures frequencies from non-living things like crystals or oils. There are certainly effects that our physics has not started to investigate or even acknowledge but we have to also start to understand that these are not energy or frequency phenomena – but Information.



If you want to prove that Information can produce a lot of Energy, just put a DOLLAR reward in a post and suddenly many have the energy to respond whereas otherwise I do not have any comment but over 1000 reads a day – I will respond to the below e-mails I got after the Milan seminar this weekend – Please do not send me e-mails but make comments – everyone can do this – you do not have to be a CoRe user, just make a profile .


On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Faride Zdwmds <> wrote:

Dear Kiran,

Since some time and that I was interested in Core systems, I do receive your regular commends and information per e-mail. Since I am to poor to buye this systems is is so that I am not a user and cannot react on your commends.Therefore I try to answer here now.
Now that you state that you would invest 20000$ to someone who can proof something other than what pseudoscientists say about medicine like resonance therapy, I do’nt really understand what you mean by this?

To me I take sometimes ideas for truth when someone else did investigate to develop some truth or insight about something of their interest.
If you say that medicine like homeopathy and resonance therapy are informational and not energy than I can feel the truth about that. Why should I proof that truth if you gave me that and I could sense your belief? And recognize the feeling and the joy of that answer? To me for example because of a war that was going on in our country about alternative medicine and in europe at large is still going on. The war keeps going on and this basical has to do with the impossibility of prooving that homeopathy works.It is wonderful that information is the key to the activity of healing in the body given by the water or oil that carries that. 
I think all that prooving is nonsens because we all also have the ability to create our own reality and when I say that your system works against my belief than I am sure to proove to you my truth. Not only in words and cientificaly resulting in that reality but also in not recovering from my illness by working with your instruments.

To me the truth is not something to proove but to know for yourselfe and science is less competent than human beeings to see the truth of something.

To me it is so that I wonder a lot about medicine and I think all that we know and can speak about is created and we created the reality also with words. When we see that the lost key for all of us is that the truth of medicine is information we can take it and not everyone haves the ability or the hearth to invent something.or to scientifically proof something. How much more truth would that be anyway? 
Why should we invent all the same over and over?
What has science to proof if you are sure about your credebility?
I think that you wil fixate the future of others yourselfe with this lottery.

I am a sensitive person and when I hold a cristal than she or he gives me information, but what carries this information? Mother earth: the stone herself. Or the liqued like oil or water.
I “feel it”when I hold a stone and the stone can also give warmth or pulses and movement.
So if I feel warmt you name that information?
It is an element: fire how do I know that ? not beacuse I prooved the truth of elements but because I take the truth of the name for fire as fire and recognise this as such and mistake this not for water.

It is not information that gives the warmt that comes from the stone but the movement and if the movement came from the information that the stone gave to herself to move the warmth to me than you are right but I think that you forget love. Is love information? To me love is warmth as far as the expression of love exist and if you want to proof what information causes the love than I am afriad that we turn could or obsessive.



On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Buryl Payne <> wrote:

Dear Kiran,

I have found a rotational force around the human body that is easily detected and measured with simple, inexpensive material found around the home, plus a few magnets (optional). It also is present around all other living organisms that I have observed. It’s related to solar activity. It’s not an original discovery; it was mentioned in the literature in the 1600’s and by others up to the present. I have studied more carefully than others, though, and written my experiments and observations in a small ebook called: The Spin Force. Nearly all stellar objects spin from asteroids to galaxies.
Some Russian scientists have found a spin force around spinning inorganic materials. They call it a ‘torsion force’. Two Japanese have found a weight change in gyroscopes, depending on direction of spin.
I suggest that ‘spin’ be accorded the status of a fundamental force along with gravity and electricity, and perhaps replacing magnetism.

This force is not in the electromagnetic spectrum.
I don’t know if it would qualify for your $20000 prize but it is very important.

Buryl Payne, Ph. D. 
formerly Boston University



On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 9:06 AM, Alex Hankey <> wrote:

Dear Kiran,

In point 4, you say that you are offering $20,000 for a proof.

1. Please could you specify the precise statement that you want proved, or the exact phenomenon that you want demonstrated.

2. I assume that you mean US dollars. Is that correct?

Usually when a serious prize is offered for a scientific challenge, some kind of agreement document is given. 
Do you want to formalise your offer in these terms?


Alex Hankey

P.S. I have originated several completely original ideas in ‘energy medicine’ and associated phenomena, most based on the new biology of complexity. They are published in CAM journals and little known.

I may therefore be able to shed some light at least partly on whatever you are trying to clarify.





Hi Kiran in Milan,

Hope all is going well! I really like your offer of 20K!

I do want to point out a problem with it though. Its seems that your focus of this is pseudoscience around “bioresonance”.

Then your offer says, Here is my offer I guarantee anyone 20 000 $ who can show me how he measures frequencies from non-living things like crystals or oils.

However, “bio” as you know refers to living things. See what I mean… Best,









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