PURPOSE of disease and suffering – Quadtrinity seminar


PURPOSE of disease and suffering – Quadtrinity seminar– new  application and software for BEaMEr

Dear All, Things are coming together – I am very grateful to Marco Paulo and Andrea  Gadducci  to make it possible to bring CoRe technology to a larger audience. Until now cost and continued education were the hurdles for getting on board. Andrea has found a workable solution for the cost and Marco will share his great experience with over 200 daily  patients  through an ongoing training schedule.

1. Realizing the potential higher purpose of suffering http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/tolle-gurdjieff-being-present/

2. RESET – the informational panacea  http://energetic-medicine.com/reset/

3. Biofeedback to create a grounding experience – the basis for health and inner security http://truepowerbalance.com/beamer-biofeedback-for-adhd-and-autism/

4. BEaMEr biofeedback combined with EMDR http://truepowerbalance.com/beamer-biofeedback-combined-with-emdr/

5. Sensations in feet of 83 year old lady coming back http://energetic-medicine.com/sensation-in-feet-coming-back/

6. New series of trainings by Marco Paulo had a great start – next one will be in May http://energetic-medicine.com/bio-t-technologies-and-marco-paulo-for-quadtrinity-clinic-seminar-in-may-again/


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