Quantum Philosophy Part 1 : “God is a scientific God”


Check out this Video in which Amit Goswami, proclaims that GOD – the God that science rediscovers is a “scientific God” .

just like Charles Tart in his talk at ISSEEEM , Amit does not hesitate to feed the cultural disregard for strong religious believes but holds that God is the expression of the 3 Quantum laws that he formulated.

His second law is what he calls “discontinuity” which, according to Amit, is always at work in Eureka moments of Creativity – so in short

God is present in all the work of creative  Scientists as himself – actually this is not surprising because Amit knows and Science has proof :

“God is a scientific God”

just like in past centuries Priests who wanted to be shepherds made God the “Good shepherd” – or Indians made him the 

Amit is a good example why most religions warned against making a “picture of God” because it will be always a representation of your culture or personal likes

Amit confuses the two realms of the Soul and Spirit. The former is the realm of experience of ONENESS that

can be achieved by grace and personal struggle. The later is the field of INFORMATION that can be dealt with by conventional and other less understood technologies as Radionics, as well as the field of psychic effects and other experiences considered metaphysical – but it is not GOD

or see the un-commented version here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V6SaBflpiM – more comment videos to follow

Note : ISSSEEM just announced its demise :

http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/issseem-hiatus-300x106.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 888px) 100vw, 888px" />

this death of ISSSEEM – oldest and organization of its kind (DGEIM is next),
is the result of not “going with the flow” – they just tried to imitate me with some additions about
brasilian spiritist healers and spiritual healing in general  but they were in their essence stuck in the old ideas of
“Science is better then Religion”  just like Goswami and Charles Tart
and in most places in the world people do not want to go for Atheism –
once the realize that it is this what someone tries to sell them – in disguise


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