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just spend an afternoon at Harbin.org hot springs and now wanted to make a reservation at another  THINK-Tank the Esalen Institute to spend a day in their hot springs :

“In addition to round-the-clock availability for Esalen guests, the hot springs are open to the general public by reservation only from 1am to 3am. There is a $20 fee, payable by credit card only. To make reservations, call 831-667-3047.”

I wonder if you have to make the reservation between 1 and 3 am or go there at this time to enjoy the bath…. when calling this number you are told in a very sophisticated tone (try it) that this reservation line is open 7 days a week with the exception of Fridays and Sundays….

This is the status of the world renowned SINK-TANK that is been hailed as the birthplace of ideas that will save our planet.

Now one of the new recent discoveries that was made there probably while sitting in the Esalen hot tubs under the night sky was that when 2 people look at the same star through 2 straws their minds become entangled which very often results in deeper forms of intimacy …… see excerpts of the reseache paper below

THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE  but is backed by key researchers like Ralph Abraham, Terence McKenna, Saul-Paul Sirag, Mary-Minn Peet, Beverly Rubik and Charles MacDermed, among others.

The non-quantum way of doing "star gazing"http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/star-gazing-300x210.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" />

The non-quantum way of doing "star gazing"

Stellerator: A Quantum Intimacy Machine
by Nick Herbert

ABSTRACT: I describe the operation of the naked-eye stellerator and its purported use for enhancing empathy between two people by quantum-entangling their minds via mutually coherent stimulation of their separated retinal tissues. This discussion of a rudimentary quantum intimacy machine is intended to stimulate the development of more sophisticated devices of a similar kind.


Quantum theory in principle describes the world as an unbroken wholeness that privileges no parts or partitions of the whole. Yet in practice quantum measurements appear no different from classical measurements—neither the measuring apparatus nor the scientists who design and observe them are ever seen to merge with the measured phenomena. Despite the theoretical inseparability of the quantum world, the clean separation of observer and observed remains a surprisingly stubborn fact that characterizes all physical measurements whether of gross material objects (the fall of an apple) or tiny quantum wavicles (the momentum of an electron).

A speculative venture I call “quantum tantra” aims to change all that. By taking advantage of the theoretical quantum inseparability of observer and observed, quantum tantra seeks a more direct unmediated union with nature than conventional measurements can provide. Perhaps such union will take place as a communion of human minds with heretofore undetectable minds inside inanimate objects. Once such intimate new channels into reality are opened, the fundamental physical variables of energy and entropy may be supplemented by the equally fundamental quantity of something resembling empathy.

Since union with non-human minds is bound to be confusing and disorienting, the first attempts at opening up new connections to nature will probably involve using the apparatus of quantum theory to link ordinary human minds in some novel and unexpected way—to, in effect, exploit some particularly quantum aspect of the world to build a “quantum-mechanical empathy machine”. This paper describes the motivations behind the design of one such putative quantum empathy machine—the naked-eye stellerator.

TABLE 1: Angular Diameter and Coherence Radius of 12 Celestial Bodies
The Sun -26.7 nearby 1/2 degree 0.08 mm
The Full Moon -12.7 nearby 1/2 degree 0.08 mm
Betelgeuse 0.41v 520 ly 50 mas 8 ft
Antares 0.92v 520 ly 40 mas 10 ft
Aldebaran 0.86v 68 ly 25 mas 16 ft
Arcturus 0.06 36 ly 22 mas 18 ft
Sirius -1.42 8.7 5.6 mas 70 ft
Canopus -0.72 98 ly 6.2 mas 65 ft
Procyon 0.37 11.3 ly 5.5 mas 70 ft
Vega 0.04 26.5 ly 3.1 mas 139 ft
Spica 0.91v 220 ly 0.80 mas 500 ft
Bellatrix 1.64 470 0.75 mas 530 ft

Starlight is described by quantum theory as wide but very thin disk-shaped possibility waves travelling at the speed of light. When two detectors are illuminated by the same probability wave they are both in a sense competing for the same quantum of light. This quantum correlation (sometimes called “entanglement”) binds the two detectors together in a particularly quantum way. The fact that two optical detectors inside a star’s coherence width are quantum-connected is the basis for the operation of the intensity interferometer. Inside the coherence width all detectors are in a sense being dealt cards from the same deck. Detectors outside the coherence width are not quantum connected and are being dealt cards (photons) from different decks.

When two creatures (Kitty-chan and Keroppi, for example) are observing the same star while inside that star’s radius of coherence, their retinas are, in some sense “mutually entangled”. The (entirely speculative) premise underlying the quantum intimacy machine is that mutually entangled retinas produce mutually entangled minds. MERs => MEMs.

The retina is, after all, an extension of the brain. And the brain’s actions, in some mysterious way, are correlated with the mind. So, it’s not entirely implausible that quantum-correlated retinas could lead to quantum-correlated minds. It’s a hypothesis that’s never been tested and is now within reach of experimental verification. The operation of the naked-eye stellerator, the first proposed quantum intimacy machine, depends on this assumption—that entangled retinas produce entangled minds.

When two of you go out under the dark night sky, you are assailed by starlight from every direction, leading no doubt, to confusing messages at your retinas. The purpose of the stellerator is to reduce interstellar confusion by isolating one bright star in the visual field. I have found that a 1/4” diameter plastic tube about 1 foot long reduces the visual field to about 2.5 degrees, which is quite sufficient to isolate and center the same star’s image on the retinas of two different individuals.

The operation of the stellerator is as simple as its design. Prepare yourselves for intimacy in whatever manner seems appropriate. Go out under the night sky. Look at the same star through your individual plastic tubes. Pay attention to the star and to your state of mind. Take a deep breath and think about quantum theory.

Most of the possibility pancakes that pass through your two retinas will not trigger a response. But even without interaction each pancake is entangling your two retinas. Quantum mechanics is like that. The mere possibility that something could happen is effective in changing the actual world. As Henry Stapp, a physics professor at UC Berkeley puts it: “(Quantum) events which could have happened but did not, influence the world that does happen.”

As each disk of possibility passes through your retina—trillions and trillions every second—your retinas (and perhaps your minds as well) become more and more entangled. No one really knows what this means. We are at the very beginning of our investigation into the workings of quantum intimacy machines. The naked-eye stellerator is a primitive device whose intention is not really to fuse minds but merely to demonstrate the principle by which future, more sophisticated quantum intimacy machines might actually operate.

One problem with the stellerator, as presently realized, is that not only is your retina entangled with the retina of your mate, but with every light-absorbing object inside the same radius of coherence. Every chlorophyll molecule in every blade of grass, every stick, stone, flower or grain of sand within an 8-foot circle (in the case of the star Betelgeuse) is also becoming part of your intimate quantum unity as you look through your two little tubes at the same star. If quantum intimacy were so easy to achieve, you might possibly be in danger of falling into mystical union with every material object inside the magical circle of coherence. No two people who’ve every tested the naked-eye stellerator (Sun & Allen, for instance, pictured at the right) has ever reported this happening to them. But as with any new science, it is well to be aware of possible dangers so as not to be caught by surprise.

I am pleased to acknowledge the help and inspiration of Michael Murphy who invited physicists to Esalen Institute, Big Sur to explore the edges of reality, where the idea for the stellerator first arose and was light-heartedly tested in the hot tubs and on the cliffs near the Big House by many daring explorers including Ralph Abraham, Terence McKenna, Saul-Paul Sirag, Mary-Minn Peet, Beverly Rubik and Charles MacDermed, among others.

read this research that is bringing new hope to the quantum community in full http://quantumtantra.com/quim.html or contact the author :

Nick Herbert
Box 261
Boulder Creek, California 95006
January 2006


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  1. Now that I visited the Esalen Institute I had to find out that it was not a misprint that “guests are only allowed to make use of the hot springs there between 1 and 3 AM” ….. these feeble minds that reside at Esalen cannot be disturbed during the day by visiting guests as this would create too much DLE in their lives that it could happen they would even wake up from their noble dreams/imaginations when inventing a new “intimacy machine”.

    Wake up little Suzy