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Dear Nuno and Kiran and all.

First step: Being in faith state. ok 🙂

Second step: Well, while I-we achieve this state, I like to know:

Do you use common steps (or a recipe) for to treat all people, or do you use different steps or recipes for each people?

I was exploring to put the symptom of the people or their phrases about the thing that he-she want to treat, then make a scan for emotions.

Then mix the symptom or phrases with the emotions and make an scan against healing remedies: essences, acupuncture, herbal remedies, familiar constellations, …

Then irradiate.

I continue exploring 🙂

All the best


Reply by Kiran :

Dear Miguel, dear All

your attitude is the attitude that we all have been educated with

“Faith/believe is OK BUT tell me also how I pay my bills (give me something practical)” or in  its Islamic translation “Trust in Alah but first tie your camel”

and that is why I say dont even use this concept of Faith/BELIEVE because all our ideas have been corrupted by religions which have lost most contact with their source

To get a fresh start replace the words Faith/Believe with the word DLE then give up the old idea that Faith/Believe is one thing however necessary but the to act we need practical formulas/recepies/protocols.

This is exactly the division that Descarte has brought into our culture. True Faith/Believe/DLE is a science and is far from understood by most.

Having said this you dont have to learn now the Inergetix Faith to work with CoRe because fortunately the CoRe is successful because it is based on a technical element that creates the DLE, its the Hologramgenerator that is creating electrons emission pattern with its semiconductor in a random/non-linear process.

That is why people have good results by just taking the first 3 items in every evaluation and using them for communication, information or EMDR without having any protocols  whatever.

Now in most cases users make things worse rather than better because they let their left brain take the stage and dominate all by giving explanations, making conclusions, discuss the pros and cons, doubting other results, choosing only what makes sense to them and and and….

Please understand that we are in a difficult and cross road situation, as we all have unlearned to let right and left brain work on a given situation in a DLE way….. Analysis/Synthesis,,,, Focusing/expanding,,,,, connecting/dissolving and not only once but as a process of alteration between the two that has a higher and higher frequency.

“He who kisses joy as it flies by will live in eternity’s sunrise.” — William Blake

When facing the complex, that which our left brain has no clue how to deal with  we are told that this is an area where we should believe but also the religions have quickly developed a way out of the dilema they give you a set of rules/ideas/rituals/stories/hierachy that you can/should believe in and that makes the informational body of religion. But not only religion every other complex field like medicine has developed its own set of these left brain concepts to give you something to hold on to…..  alternative medicine with its believe in good and bad frequencies, good and bad foods, positive and negative affirmations a.s.o. is not in a better position… because all of them are afraid of one thing and hate it like the devil because this could make them doubt all their believe system sand make them aware how fragile all of it really is : DLE

NEVER NEVER question what we are telling you !..... because you might become a true believer 243w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" />

NEVER NEVER question what we are telling you !..... because you might become a true believer

Believe has become the opposite of DLE it has become something that is stabilizing your life that gives you a save haven, something you can trust on, that you can hold on, that replaces the protection that your parents gave you and is in no way different than a solid bank account, retirement plans and whatever other insurances we have bought into.

As Nuno says we have to learn to love “the bird in its fight”, we have to be able to enjoy the moment because this is another expression of DLE, in fact we have to investigate what DLE really means and how it feels again and again and how this will transform our life as well as make us better healers …… UNTIL THEN just use the CoRe to let its DLE generator make the connection to the informational matrix and try to hinder its work as little as you can by having your left brain getting in the way and asking for PROTOCOLS.

Don’t be afraid to also “Look funny” as the doctor for example by  not having a clue what the CoRe is presenting with

Illness makes us "Feel funny" makes us feel different, makes us feel the DLE

Illness makes us "Feel funny" makes us feel different, makes us feel the DLE

and by great coincidence after finishing this article I picked up a book “Inner Navigation” by Johannes B. Schmidt where he quotes David La Chapelle

“An escalation of planetary events is conspiring to force us away from the secure life raft of rational understanding and into a multidimensional,intuition-based, right brain comprehension of events…”


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  1. Hi Kiran, well, the reply that I was searching for my question was ” use the first 3 items”. (this is a protocol). (Is not bad to use or have protocols or recipes. The bad is to being atttached to this recipe and don’t see, perceive or receive other possible recipes when the systems changes)
    I don’t was talking about faith in the common sense of “to believe without know”. This is primitive faith. Spiral dynamics description can say that is only first grade faith (from consciousness in blue, red, orange memes).
    I was talking about faith in the sense of Nuno:  A state of being, beyond rigth-left duality, where you “know” the things/replies before the questions are formulated, also, is the state quoted from La Chapelle.
    This state of being (faith of 3rd grade from spriral dynamics or Ken Wilber) are relatively well characterized by studies to tibetan monks and other people with long meditative experience, or clairivoyant and healer people.
    Also, is a state that, as all things, needs practice for achieve this.
    As every practice, its requires time and dedication. A training.
    I have training and I understand this concept, but I don’t have ‘so much’ practique for to understand the explanations of Nuno.  So, this questions helps me at this moment to enter more deeply in this state and to appreciate/uses the phrase: “feel the core as an extension of yourself (your higher mind. In this description that I’m using for this words, first is the mind and only then appears the body)”.
    Thanks you for your reply 🙂

  2. It appears the language can get in the way of basic understanding of application. We have highly intelligent/scientific individuals that offer so much insightful information.
    For basic application: I am thinking that the basic premise is: Practice makes perfect and in doing you will perfect your craft.
    We need to take the time for the basic learning curve through viewing the training modules that are currently being updated, I believe, monthly, and simple application.
    I find by using the Core with my family & friends, has indeed led me to having them refer me, clients.
    The best approach is to work with your familiarity and personal connection with your family & friends. You have a natural connection and have the ability to intuit/perceive on a deeper level by utilizing the Core.
    There are logical approaches which, I feel, Sonia and Gwen excel in their trainings of how to approach your style.
    Creative and more intuitive approaches are presented by Angela, all who offer trainings on a monthly basis.
    As you become familiar and comfortable with the Core: you will develop your own style, format and expertize. Some work on whatever comes up and these individuals are more intuitive, creative personalities. Others need a logical format but once comfortable will begin to gently listen to their own intuitive clues and program the Core, accordingly: also will probably be best in targeting a particular area of expertise to perfect.
    I am just offering information as I am, too, perfecting my own creative path utilizing the Core.
    My husband said: Do not let the blocks prevent you from forging ahead..just work with it, don’t over-think it, and everything will fall into place.
    Kiran, sounds like the perfect application to begin our comfort level for Jumping into the DLE. I love all the co-incidents as they start building a unique storyline for all of us.  
      Highest Regards, Monica