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Reset is the basis of healing and avoiding Reset is the reason for more sever disease or drama to come into your life to break down the stagnation and reset-resistance.

Reset means to go back to an earlier stage and if we want to help we have to guide clients to have more of the following emotions and sensation – curiosity, not-knowing, playfulness, desired to be helped and guided, having no schedule…. in short how to feel and act like a child again. One participant will present this topic and discuss some current therapies that use this approach.

Reset is like the snap of a bow when the arrow is released or like orgasm. The founder of energetic Medicine Wilhelm Reich understood that a missing orgasm reflex is the reason for disease. The one who chooses this topic will show how Reich saw energy and how reestablishing the orgasm reflex could be done.

In order for RESET to be loaded with energy we need to over-extend ourselves in what we aim for, what demands we put on ourselves and then be able to snap and let all things turn into wild chaos. We will see Elon Musk as currently the most amazing example for this capability and he besides having 5 children and 5 major companies with over 100 000 workers still has time to go Burning Man festival. We will look at his life and see how he handles stress and challenges – while still being able to make comedy videos on Youtube.

No remedy is more in need than RESET in our time that overloads with information. Its our Informational Processing system that has to handle all this and as a result informational diseases are exponentially increasing we will see this in discussing the symptomatology of Alzheimer, Autism, ADHD, Auto-immune diseases, Anxieties, drug or other addictions.

Bi-polar is another informational disease just as mood-disorder, schizophrenia and one participant will give an over view of the work of my friend Sean Blackwell in Brasil, how he treats it and how he is seeing it as a means to Spiritual Awakening. Particularly how he uses breathing as a means.

Stagnation and the resistance to change and Reset is the reason for disease to come in – what methods use dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes as a means of RESET. What function has Fasting, pilgrimage, change of work of housing, taking time-off – in this context.

Stem-cells are undifferentiated cell material most prominent in embryo tissue – Stem cell therapy is an example of RESET on the tissue level – one participant will give an overview on this field

Blaming and explaining is a way to continue stagnation and we will discuss ways on how NOT to use the CoRe system as a helper to BLAME and EXPLAIN but as a tool to make reset more possible.

Forgetting, forgiving, accepting can all be aspects of RESET – however usually they are only ways of suppression that eventually will lead to more serious consequences – how we can differentiate one from the other and help our clients to see it will be a topic.

RESET is often most necessary in RELATIONSHIPS and with who and how we associate and relate to other people – how do we start NEW in personal connections with people we possibly know for a long time – this is key topic that one of the participants will present and moderate.

RESET can and has to happen on all time scales – that means some big RESET has to occur every few years, while others may happen weekly – like having a real SUNDAY that is not just like all other days. Also it can happen hundreds of times during every day. I will present a new APP that will facilitate this moment to moment RESET.

RESET is the reverse process – taking things out – going back – making things more basic and simple one participant will show give a presentation on this form of RESET and show how people have used it to their benefit.

Besides these topics we will have some special guests like my friend EDSON from Brasil who will present “The way they do RESET in Brasil (Sex and Samba)” and Dr Yu from China who has amazing success stories and will show you how he uses his BBR systems.

My friend here in Samui Alister Bredee, who was already attending my first Seminar in Koh Samui about 10 years ago and who lives here – just published his new book – A CAT HAS NINE LIVES AND SO DO YOU. I think this is a great way to put it and I would say “you have potentially hundreds of lives", if you built frequent RESETs into it. I am glad that Alister will be one of the presenters at the event.

Besides I will show the new Wearable RESET device, the FlowZone RESET machine that creates magnetic pulses of up to one Tesla while also integrating the most powerful light therapy to date, and I will show you the big EXTERNAL COUNTER PULSATION machine that I have now installed and possibly you can have a RESET experience in my floatation tank.

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