Reset in Thailand 6


Reset in Thailand 6

UNCERTAINTY is an expression of being close to the source, close to the undifferentiated beginning, far from cultural programming fixing dogmas and limiting theories and memories.

To actively spend energy, time and initiative to un-learn, un-believe, un-remember ideas, opinions about all and everything any moment that emerges out of the unconscious moving along is the essence of BEING PRESENT.

Feel the contentment and ease that comes of NOT-KNOWING, shocking wondering, speech and thought-less ness, again and again revealing the endless depth and motherly warms of a state back at the beginning of all, a place where it is waiting, infinitely, undivided.

Allow the chess figures move to their initial position, let the cards be mixed again and again, throw out the fear of the limitless, of the undecided, of having all choices – allow the RESET.

Medicine found that stem-cells, the undifferentiated cells that are frequent in embryo tissue, are omni-potent that they can turn into any desired cell form, stem-cells can repair any damage in a mature organism.

Big events in our life, the loss of a job, relationship or friend is a RESET and it leaves with an increased sense of UNCERTAINTY, this is frightening, lacking SECURITY, CERTAINTY, a plan, an insurance ….. why not instead be full of wonder and suspense of new roads, of the unexpected, un-imagined, un-accustomed .

Every sleep is a RESET and after you wake up you are able to see more possibilities, death is just a more complete RESET – all cards, thought, memories, programs are taken out of your hands and mixed again.

Every vacation, even a short break is a larger or smaller RESET – how wonderful and necessary, to be energised, fresh and creative again.

The UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE is the corner stone of Quantum physics. Creating more and more moments of NOT KNOWING, is giving a sense of content-ness and ease, something realises the amazing spectrum of possibilities that is possible.

Lets celebrate and built a life and personal culture that is full of NOT-KNOWING of what is right or wrong, real and unreal, stupid or clever, good or bad conduct, male and female, spiritual and practical ……

To nourish this degree of uncertainty in life is a moment to moment endeavour, to RESIST making plans, expressing opinions, judging oneself or others, trying to understand, explain or blame.

All this mental polarising has its parallel in electrical potential that is created in the body and that apparently is backing it up – I will show in October a device in Thailand that resolves this polarisation – please come

Posted by Kiran Schmidt on Sunday, July 9, 2017


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