Reset in Thailand 7


Reset in Thailand 7

Cause and effect the creator of time, time the backbone of life, of holding, the energiser of discipline, of that which motivates the reason for continuing, the value that sustains all and makes endure – love tradition and getting up early, smiling at everyone who makes you uphold this believe.

Who would want something that just appeared – like a virgin birth – without hard work, without a plan, without a sperm meeting an egg, who would love and value the unthinkable the unexplainable, that which has no father and mother, no linage, no ancestors, is there anyone who would believe in that which has no history ?

The mastership was always the result of dedication, of vision, of reliability, consistency, ability to follow rules and unwavering willingness to surrender, giving up the wish for being different, unique but rather being nourished by the amazing authority that is everywhere, that which knows all and was there before the beginning, that which created all the knowledge, hierarchies and rules that now allow these stunning works of art, science and nature.

But hold on – can you see that all can and must break down, in an instant, pure accident, a stoke of lighting the moment that time breaks down – that an instance holds worlds and more worlds, the moment of inspiration, the moment where logic becomes and obstacle, the moment where you and I have to be dissolved to give space for the experience of singularity.

One breaks down the other, knowledge is force, it has direction and quantity, it is living in time, feeding on time and creating time until it gets too fat and complacent and has to give way to a moment of inspiration, of the unpredictable, the timeless, when all breaks down or is miraculously transported into the realm of mastership, of the effortless because of timeless experience, of the flow zone, of being present.

Lets not look down on the long and time-full labour of getting there – it will never end, it is not inferior of that which it can give birth to – time and history, memories and the succession of mistakes, of the willingness to obey dead-lines and formalities – all is necessary to built up enough momentum that in these moments all can dissolve, really be returned into the lap of creation, the timeless moment at the beginning when there was no ABC, no math and no fixed relationship.

Some people say we do faith-healing with informational medicine, with CoRe therapy with Homeopathy – I tell them that believe is the obstacle of healing and change, that dissolving believe is the purpose and foundation of healing – coming back to a place without believe, without dogma, without wishful thinking, without limitation.

Reset can be electric, chemical, psychological, spiritually – all is our job as healers and to the degree that we are successful we already do it – lets dig deeper, lets get to the roots of those techniques and what makes them successful. If you want to become a RESET therapist you will inevitably face all the areas of your life that long needed a reset, don't hesitate – go for it.

Conventions, formulas, pattern, prescriptions, codes, rules, standards, are necessary for the beginner – and we are beginners every day again, you have to nourish ways and values that allow you to break out again and again, created out of the origin of all knowing the remedy that will do the reset.

HEALING IS ABOUT GUIDING PEOPLE HOME TO THIS PLACE of ORIGIN lets share how we can do this – in Thailand in October.

Posted by Kiran Schmidt on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


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