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Reset in Thailand 8 – Simulating the energetic and informatio…

Reset in Thailand 8 – Simulating the energetic and informational RESET of SLEEP

15 years ago I invented the concept of informational healing, building on the works of others like Ruediger Dahlke who’s book “Disease as Language of the Soul” I coincidently read on my first trip to Thailand 37 years ago.

The CoRe system was the hardware and software child of this long journey and has since 12 years found thousands of users and ten thousands of patients – many with astonishing results. Some of the stories are on the that just recently crossed the 3 million visitors mark.

Informational medicine as we practiced it until now was an extension of homeopathy where you confront the organism with a mirror image of its momentary state – its EIGEN – and thus setting a trigger for self-healing. We are not doing this with globule that contain the informational imprint of a substance that in crude form generates this symptomatology but with the same information imprinted on a energetic carrier.

Homeopathy works and is based on the principle of “Like cures Like” but the likeness has to be very precise and superficial similarity that is caught in a disease name will not suffice. Therefore standard medical testing that tried to prove the efficacy of homeopathy by giving the same remedy to all those who had been diagnosed with the same disease-name would not give better than placebo results. It needs more dedicated and individualising remedy finding in Homeopathy than in general medical practice – simple as that.

Homeopathy is inherently difficult and the CoRe system was a first attempt to make remedy finding more easy and accessible to more people. The drive to find an even easier way did not let me become complacent over the last 12 years and I know now I have come to an even more fundamental method of curing and revitalising. I feel that this might be the panacea that is likewise applicable to everyone in any condition and get positive results.

This panacea is RESET – has anyone ever come to a convincing conclusion why we need sleep and why good sleep always has such manyfold positive results. Sleep creates and informational and electrical RESET and this is what our time needs more than any other – RESET in order not to be drowned by this overload of energetic and informational input.

At the seminar in Thailand in October I will show the first wearable device that this is designed to do the energetic and the App that facilitates the informational RESET – don’t miss it – this could be a historical moment.

Posted by Kiran Schmidt on Saturday, July 29, 2017


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