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RESET 9 – RESET is a like coming home after a long day

Have you tried many spiritual or emotional practices sincerely, always hoping that eventually you would get a more permanent state of happiness.

I have done it with being part for 20 years in a spiritual school that focused on exercises to “Be PRESENT”. I often had great states that resulted from it however just a many or more moments that I felt with desperation that “again I had lost it all for hours or days”.

Some monks and fakirs, including Buddha went to great extremes in this endeavour and Buddha in the end after he almost killed himself came to the conclusion that “it is the middle way that brings success”.

The middle way is not about doing things with moderation but about understanding that as Jesus said “Life is a movement and a rest” – so you go out in the world and then come back to the Source, Home, New Beginnings with great desire for it and with the understanding that the time in-between was not wasted or inferior.

This is the truth behind the saying “everything is frequency” and that “movement between the polarities is energy”. Reset and Re-building.

I call this Home-coming RESET and I believe it is the most universal principle that is overlooked und unexplored to a huge degree. RESET is the factor that is needed in every complex system and when we are not aware of it, Emergency-RESET will need to come often in form devastating events.

We think – and our culture does everything to reinforce this believe – that it is only consistency and discipline that is required for success – we should not fall back but consistently move forward. RESET however means to fall back to an un-diversified state like in stem-cells or childlike behaviour, sleep.

Nature does RESET on all levels as earth-quakes, pole-shifts, ice-ages, hibernation, menstrual-cycle, death and rebirth. In our personal lives we encounter the same process in form of losses, break-ups, big changes and usually see it as accidents that could or should be avoided at all cost.

What all forms of RESET do is to cut informational connections to a smaller or larger extend. Learning to see and feel this as something valuable and not begin afraid of it will change your life completely. Its like inhalation and exhalation. You can learn to do it intentionally and I am developing the technology to support this.

When you start to see RESET and its positive effects everywhere you can go through it without the need for blaming or explaining and then RESET can be very quick, with least amount of pain involved, complete and rejuvenating. Some people hold on to years-old blames and guilts and thus make RESET impossible.

I will write more about how it feels to be in a RESET – how to facilitate it and how to get the best out of it. All of you know how it feels but we have not been taught to recognise its function and value for healing, happiness, transformation, growth.

Posted by Kiran Schmidt on Sunday, August 6, 2017


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