Revolutionary LaesEr BIORESONANCE

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LaesEr-Bioresonance device with Health Integrator

The LaEser Bioresonance Device – our latest addition to the Healh Navigator System which will add to the existing informational therapy  an energetic neurofeedback and biofeedback function that defines the new standard of LaesEr Bioresonance.

It is the result of experiences and goals for improvement as follows :

  1. The system should be as far as possible tester independent. A results of years of work with Electro Dermal Screening devices that all are highly user dependent based on subjectively different pressure, angle and particularly speed of electrode application.
  2. The system should be as sensitive as neuro-feedback devices but not be limited to diagnostic or neuro-feedback operator training but allow the neuro-feedback signal itself be used for therapy, which is not known in traditional neuro-feedback devices.
  3. The new device should go further than general biofeedback that usually only reacts with linear changes in energy feedback depending on client reaction. Also this biofeedback should bypass the limitation of deliberate client reaction pattern but directly be controlled by energetic autonomic body responses.
  4. The system should have a true energy feedback loop both for the accessed response and the feedback signal and not as in traditional Biofeedback systems only pretend energetic interaction

5. The new device should be symbiotic to the existing CoRe system and not replicate existing functionality

Here it is —- the LarsEr Bioresonance system

It is based on the very common-sense principles of communication theory :

  1. If we want to make a successful transfer of information to any communication partner it is not enough to just modulate energy with information but the energy used has to be such that the partner is able to receive it. The frequency range and pattern has to be client specific. We do this by extracting one component of the signal from the electromagnetic signal emitted by a given body part, that is then shown quantitatively on the LED bar in the Neuro-feedback part or shown as a Fast Fourier Spectrum on the computer.
  2. This carrier component that makes sure that the message can be read is then overlaid with the actual biofeedback signal that is generated as client specific by the proprietary CoRe algorithm again measurable and visually displayed on the LED bar in the Biofeedback section

This twofold approach goes far beyond the simplistic and allopathic approach of traditional biofeedback philosophy that proposes that for energetic therapy it is necessary and appropriate to  return the inverse signal that is been received from the client. This in fact is the old testament idea of “an eye for and eye” or “if you hit me I hit you back” that is also the basis of most ANTI-therapy in allopathic treatment regime “high blood pressure calls for a drug lowering it” or “bacteria call for anti-biotics” and “inflammation calls for anti-histamine”.

Apart from this philosophical backwardness in Bioresonance it has been well demonstrated that energetically no inversion of any signal happens at all and that no therapy signal is generated or measurable at all.


New LaesEr-Bioresoance :

More next time about many new features of this LaesEr-Bioresoance system and its Magnetic-Field generator for

substance information



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1 Comment

  1. Hi Kiran,

    The new LaesEr-Bioresoance looks fascinating!  I am a long time Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Clinician.  I have had the CoRe for over 3 years.  I really love it and once I let go of my linear thinking process, I have had remarkable consistent results.  How much is this LaesEr system and when is it available to purchase?

    Also, do you have more info on it?  I recently moved to a new city and state:  Bend, Oregon USA.  I am looking to set up a new clinic out here and am currently shopping for a whole new Neurofeedback system.  I am just about to purchase a system but when I just checked my email and saw this email from you, I got very excited.  Intuitively,  I feel that the new LaesEr could be very powerful and help me to help others in a way more consistent with my own philosophical orientation.

    I don’t have the budget for both systems so if yours in available now or in the very near future, i will hold off on buying the one that I was just about to purchase.

    If it is not available now or very soon, do you need someone to beta test it?

    Thanks for inventing the CoRe, it is truly a remarkable device!  Take care, Ken Sherman, Ph.D.

    Kiran’s comment :

    thank you Ken for your appreciation – actually demonstrate the LaesEr this weekend in Melbourne will have a first video about this next time – price is not decided but certainly much less overpriced then all the other Bioresonance devices – Delivery in the next 3-4 month – more about this in the next postings