Rife and other electric frequency therapy


Here is the simplest possible topic (i think) for energy-informational medicine, which i do not really understand:


What is the nature of the Rife frequencies?

What exactly are their properties?

How are they specifically used in CoRe 5.0?


Any theoretical results about them?


Mark Friedman

Reply by Kiran :

Royal Rife was the first to extensively experiment with electromagnetic waves to see what effect they had on living organisms. We have some original videos on our site http://www.energy-medicine.info/true-rife-plasma-devices.html where he speaks in person….. I recommend you see them.

He observed that certain frequencies would kill bacteria and even viruses that he could make visible under his high magnification microscope he therefore called these frequencies MOR (mortal oscillatory rates)

Rife Microscope

Rife Microscope

He then applied the same frequencies to humans and had some great successes even in cancer….. this was the birth of Frequency Therapy. Hulda Clark expanded on that in her book “The Cure for all diseases” in which she however did not give any credit to Rife and gave the impression that she invented it all.

In fact she is not using the original Rife approach to use electromagnetic waves created in modulated Plasma as we do this in our Plasma-generator but she copied the way Rife’s assistant Crane modified the approach to use  electrodes to apply electric current instead of electromagnetic waves. This is what we do with our various electric applicators http://www.energy-medicine.info/electrodes.html.

We have all these frequencies in our database together with several other thousand frequencies that researchers after him like Hulda Clark have added to the repertorium of frequencies.

I call this approach “energetic allopathy” because what does a frequency that was found useful X years ago on client Y in his disease Z with the person that is sitting now in front of me ? To me this approach is in no way different than if a regular allopathic doctor prescribes some drugs based on a disease name only here we don’t prescribe chemicals but frequencies.

Also we have to uderstand that Rife never used electric pads like CoRe an many others today for application of energy but light produced in a plasma tube that was modulated with frequencies only up to several MHz

Please understand that the Rife frequencies are the modulation frequencies and not the frequencies of the carrier which is Light in all experiments he did and there is a gigantic difference in frequency between the two whereas the signal he used was only several million Hz (cycles per second) which is the FM range whereas the carrier is having about 6*10Exp 14 Hz which is 100 million times the frequency of the signal.

Now fortunately for us the higher the frequencies the higher the reflection ability of the body

is getting exponentially higher with frequency and already at only 10 000 MHz the reflection is so high that the penetration depth is only 0.34 cm……

Therefore the  idea that frequencies delivered with light from a plasma tube would  actually kill bacteria deep inside the body is not acceptable …. and is not comparable with the experiments Rife did just under his microscope.

All this talk about the MOR is simply based on a lack of knowledge of the basics of physics and secondly the idea that certain frequencies are specific for certain diseases is just the thoughtless copy of the allopathic way of reasoning.

All those using CoRe and its electrodes and Plasmagenerator know what kind of amazing results it can bring ….. so how do we explain this ? Again please look at our Mission page and this is not only an attempt to not have to be ruled by the FDA or other authorities …. this is the fact as I see it and as I know the world will see it in a few years.

Rife therapy is not effective because it kills bacteria or has any other direct effect on organs it is effective because it is a way to transmit information to the informational matrix .  Skin is of course the most sensitive receptor of light and this is why information transfer via light is certainly the most effective way as we can see also in glass fiber optical information transfer.

The second point that the whole Rife world with its thousands of followers has not even started to investigate in their virus-killing believe frame is that the information that is been transmitted via frequencies modulated on the light, electric or magnetic carrier has to be client specific. And this is the heart and core strength of the CoRe system that is can find the resonant frequencies on an individual basis ….. and this makes its supperior quality over all other frequency generators no matter of what strength

Mark I hope this answered your question…. in short

“There is nothing special about the Rife frequencies except the believe of its followers”

the data was taken from this very recommendable source :





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  1. Kiran,

    1) Thanks for your post. I have more questions, comments, counter examples. And it will take me some time to formulate them…

    2) This area (I call it EI 1 level: energy-informational space-time domain, EI 2 level would be outside of the space-time domain) is attractive to me for math modeling, as I see it being the simplest one. And the main issue here, probably, is to account for this mysterious “information” linked to those “frequencies”, you are talking about… and the $1000,000 question is: is this all within the space-time domain, or it is coupled somehow with another level of reality, which is outside of the space-time domain?

    Do you have a good theoretical understanding of this? Are you interested in developing math models for this, writing/publishing paper(s) on this?