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25 years ago I had just founded the company http://www.instrumentsystems.com in Munich/ Germany for light measurement technology. On my vacation to Thailand  I took the book “Disease as language of the soul”( Krankheit als Sprache der Seele: Be-Deutung und Chance der Krankheitsbilder) by Dr Ruediger Dahlke. I can still remember these timeless moments sitting under palm trees reading it and knowing that this was the Portal into a new way of seeing the world.

However to make this understanding practical needed still a RESET for myself to get away from the exclusive world of a Physicist, computer and pure technology…. And this came with my own health challenge that brought me to my 5 year stay in India with the study and practice of Homeopathy from 1990 -1995.

The CoRe system is the result of this reset that made it possible for me to turn what I read 25 years ago in Dr Dahlke’s books into a technical reality .

Great Coincidence wanted it  that I got to know that Dr Rüdiger Dahlke lives part of every Austrian winter in Bali and we that we had a chance to meet last week, as  he was here just as I was visiting Bali in between this years Bangkok and Hong Kong seminar .

This was my first meeting in person this inspired person who is for me the foremost expert of archetypes http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/category/concepts-of-informational-medicine/coordinate-systems/ and I was very fortunate that this happened in a beautiful place at a restaurant facing the Ocean under palm trees. His charming partner Rita was also at the dinner as well as Debora….. however as you can imagine only the boys were talking most of the time.

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at La Luciola restaurant Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia Feb 2010

In preparation of the dinner I had studied his website http://www.dahlke.at a bit more and since then he has written quite a bit more all in the direction of archetypal explanation of disease and psychology in general.

Without having had the chance to read much of it I can see from the titles that his way of thinking goes parallel to mine… one of the resent books title is “Rules of fate – rules of life – Resonance, Polarity, Consciousness” (Die Schicksalsgesetze: Spielregeln fürs Leben – Resonanz Polarität Bewusstsein ) or Body  as the mirror of the soul ( Der Körper als Spiegel der Seele )

His work is based on symbolic thinking, also called analogical thinking which we both understand is a result of the work of the right hemisphere. He even wrote a book – The vertical world view (Das senkrechte Weldbild) which explains more in detail how to think in this way. (please understand that the development of archetypal systems as well as its “fluid” us is the domain of both hemispheres – only as soon as archetypal systems reach the stage of NORM/ REALITY they simply work as a pattern for the operation of the left brain)

As I say at all my seminars CoRe evaluation works like our right brain, which means synthesis, association rather than analysis /finding differences which is the function of the left brain. So all the CoRe results have to be viewed from this point of you (in version 6 however we have another breakthrough mode integrated – you will be able to choose which proportion of right/left brain evaluation you want to run). This means that until now results do not make always sense to a pure left brain observer….. how for example could “pregnancy” come up for a 60 year old male ? With a right brain that understands that pregnancy can also mean to be pregnant with new ideas or a new life in oneself  this poses no  difficulty but for a brain that was trained to only use lab-results for his diagnosis, this might pose an insurmountable obstacle.

At our dinner that went until they were closing the restaurant there was no shortage of topics, I also saw that his left brain was equally active which truly is the reason for anybodies success – a DLE between left and right hemisphere – one alone will not do.

Left brain is the part that can make comparison and find what is better or less suited or that can see through a lot of NEW AGE bla bla that has no basis and is only to impress the naïve (only right brain) observer. For example we discussed Emoto and his Water crystal work and he confirmed to me from his personal connection and observation of Emoto’s work what I had long believed …. Emoto is just selecting fitting crystals from thousands that are available , according to his taste and what he wants to prove for a given word. It is a good hoax … that  is pointing many people in the right direction – to study the power of information.

With him as with all people that live the DLE that the DLE of their 2 brains propels them to live he has a lot of people that adore him while many others put him down at any possible instance – DLE is just not  comfortable.

His life is also an expression of this DLE, today the 26th Feb he is back in Austria and presenting in Salzburg his new book – Traces of the soul – What your hands and feet tell about you ( Die Spuren der Seele: Was Hand und Fuß über uns verraten ), that he has written with his companion Rita Fasel. In April he does a cruise with German doctors around the a Arabian countries  teaching his method.

We made a very good contact, thank you Ruediger, I am quite confident that we find ways to integrate some of your work into CoRe…. Which will be of great usefulness for all our German speaking users.


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