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Dear XXX,
I owe you a clarification. Looking back on my post, I do not agree with my explanation of how I view healing. I don’t feel I represented it in the best way possible. And perhaps you can understand better what I may have been attempting to convey thru this simple explanation….
I feel that healing occurs thru the bodies own natural healing abilities. And I believe the  body is separate from me , a spiritual being, as stated.
I do feel that you also have a right to your beliefs and opinions and I did not knowingly intend to stir controversy. It seems you have a different view point from those of us who are spiritual healers.
I am of the belief that the Whole, otherwise known as God, Oneness or other mentionables is the one that does the healing. Hence the statement  ”I can not heal myself or even a goat”.
Also, Oneness is manifesting healing the body due to its innate interests in how it is put together into forms of matter. So the forms of matter that you so dilligently believe you are struggleing to manipulate, in reality are being formed by Consciousness of itself. I have again no real role in that. There is a way of being that we all can attend to, and that way is to watch or be the watchers of creation rather than the doers. For we are not separate from Oneness but part of it.
So in this belief I must become a pertinent resister to the facts of the former statement I made in the earlier post. Because I too want changes to occur in my body, (the car or vehicle I am in, to use the analogy, I previously gave.) It is just that I realize that the words I chose may have stumped you and possibly others.
I am willling to look at what may transpire in regards to informational healing and am standing vigilant in the belief that I can not prove nor can I believe that any one thing that I do or do not do is going to change anything about my body or other’s bodies. I let that happen thru the “Hand of God”. This is what true spiritual healing means to me.
I must say, I am so very lucky to have found Kiran and his site. Reading over his mission and vision statement as well as other pages helped me realize this to a deeper level. I resonate with all of the details presented. It is of the same like minded or similar teachings of others I have been studying throughout my many years. There are some questions that came to mind when reading and rereading all of it as I found myself looking for clues to Consciousness experiencing itself. As that is what I feel is happening during every moment I am able to connect with conscious awareness and get out of my overwhelming left brain patterns and more into the DLE of awareness.
Thanks to all who have taken the time to read this. I am not of the mind to bring debate and yet feel the need to clarify my stand on informational healing. I am excited to learn more…
With Gratitude,

Kirans comment:

Thank you Karen (please lets all use our names as this will make it more personal than the “handle-culture” that the blog-age is bringing about)

I XXX-ed out the person that you address because I dont want this to spin in the regular ping-pong conversation that is so prevalent in all online-chat groups, not because I want to be in control, but because I dont want this forum to be another cause for our increasing left-brain domination. This is the effect of all this YES YOU ARE RIGHT BUT…… conversation that is not really interested in anybody elses view but only to show that there is “a way to see it differently” and that is what the left brain is good for. Nothing wrong with that, only we cannot afford giving any more energy, space and time to the left brain if we do not want to give more rise to autism.

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Autistic conversation

I am publishing Karen’s comment as a separate post because I feel we cannot over-emphasis for now the importance of studying our vision and mission page (and every page on our site contains a link to it on its bottom, also this page http://www.energy-medicine.info/vision-mission.html) . It is the new “Relativity Theory”of the 21st century, science of the relativity of matter – energy – information – spirituality. And that you understand that the fact that we write  spiritual healing and disgraced concepts like “coincidence” so large on our banner is not a cheap excuse to pass-by the FDA and other secular regulating bodies but it is the truth “that will set us free” and is doing this already to an unprecedented degree. It is setting us free to see the world in general and healing in particular from a completely new point of view, which is not believe based but is a liberating combination of information and consciousness, right and left brain that has been slowly choked to death/autism/energy-matter-religion in the last 500 years.


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Hello All, Am elated to be associated with this group! Have been using alternative health supplements, homeopathy, hypnosis, to name a few for a long time now. I am a seeker of truthful ways of being that will bring the planet back into a healthier way of existence. I have plans to use the CoRe to add to this endeavor. I hope to gain from the Inergetix System a stronger ability to stay in present moment time and use my mind when needed instead of "coming from, or being" my mind which I believe blocks the natural flow of the Universal intelligence that resides in us all. Many Thanks ! With Love, Karen

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