Spirituality – Connecting with Your Eigen


Self-Awareness Is Not Self-Centeredness, And Spirituality Is Not Narcissism. “Know Thyself” Is Not a Narcissistic Pursuit – Marianne Williamson

There has been significant talk about spirituality, the spirit, the soul and the connection between all these elements. Through most part of our lives, we’ve heard tales about the soul and the spirit which puts an indescribable meaning to these words. Those who haven’t had much experience with these childhood tales would’ve acquired some knowledge through religious texts or otherwise


The truth is; everyone knows what is meant by the soul or the spirit or spirituality. Very few would attempt to describe these with words. And even fewer will be able to reach a definition that is acceptable or elaborate enough to cover the idea. It can be said that it is something to be felt rather than put into words.

For some intricately eerie reason, most people have the same or similar idea (or picture) about these phenomena regardless of where they acquired their knowledge from. This actually serves as an evidence of the metaphysical world where people are not really very different from each other. The body that we see and care for is just a small part of our existence – there is a major part of us residing in the metaphysical world conveniently outside the scope of our conscious contemplation!

Now the devices mentioned herein dont intend to challenge the presence of a metaphysical reality. In fact, it doesn’t even intend to alter your spiritual makeup or inclination. But what we’ve learnt from my exhaustive experience with people and practitioners alike, it has been concluded that it has more to offer than just a medical solution. It did not start off this way, but it surely has matured in this manner.

The bioresonance LaesEr system is purely a scientific phenomenon. It follows all principles of the sciences. No part of the system or the process aims to hint any magical reformation. Yet, we’ve seen people transform their lives around personal realizations. This is where we decided to explore the relationship between bioresonance as a scientific phenomenon and spirituality.

As an associate rightly pointed out, it depends on the practitioner how the sense of connectedness is created and nurtured. Every patient does not experience the kind of spiritual transformation we’d like them to experience. But then again, that is the beauty of alternative medicine – it is subjective and the outcomes of one experiment (or treatment) cannot be generalized across masses.

But before we lodge into the sensitive debate about spirituality and science, there is one phenomenon that needs to be given its fair share of space in this book. The word has been used previously in the book – if you’ve haven’t understood it yet, it is high time you did! So here it goes; attempting to define Eigen, one of the most grueling realities of your existence.

(Adapted from http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/spiritual-healing-with-core-system/)

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Spirituality – Connecting with Your Eigen


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