The 4 levels of Existence


The 4 levels of Existence

All is energy” has become the almost religious believe of the 20th century and accordingly all that we do not understand must be energy. This creed has divided the world as any dogma before. Into the alternative healers who called everything energy and the “scientific” scientist who calls them faith or placebo healers.

As the spiritual is beyond linguistic and dualistic investigation what was missing is a connection between the physical-energetic world and the spiritual world that would make it possible to define laws and principles.

I propose here a model of the universe that is compounded of 4 interrelated but also different levels that have all been previously given many different names that but were never defined :

Suggested Name

Other names

Physical world

The elements of the periodic system, Matter, gross world

Energy field

Chi, Prana, Wave, Frequency, Electromagnetic, subtle, animal magnetism (Mesmer), Life force,

Informational matrix

Morphogenetic, world of ideas, mental world, astral, intrinsic data field, zero-energy field, hyper-space, meta-space, sub-space, akashic records, matrix, soul, quint essence


Spirit, One, Om, Tao, Sun, Amun, Non-duality, God

The informational matrix is the main topic of discussion on this forum as it is the most neglect in our contemporary world and it is besides its energy applications the main working ground of the CoRe system.

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We know that information influences our daily life more than energy and matter but Descartes simplistic division of the world into mind and body ,where only the world was open to investigation, had halted the research in this direction for centuries. Interestingly it was also Descartes who coined the famous statement “I think therefore I am” while at the same time excluding this most fundamental concept in his worldview from the realm of scientific investigation.

Information is not just mind activity it has substance and reality beyond and outside the individual, it is not only a result/activity/intention of the “observer”. The effect of information is not necessarily dependent on faith/believe as it is also effective in plants, animals and children or those that do not know/realize that they are under the influence of information.

And Information is not just another form of energy as energy is not only defined as that “which can do work” but also as that which “does not increase or diminish with transformation” . This is in fact the first law of physics, the law of conservation of energy which is not only a law but the defining quality of that what we call energy. Information however does not follow this law/definition as it can be multiplied without additional input, and different then energy it can bridge space (and time) without loss proportional to the inverse square of the distance which is the law for energy.

Much more will be added to this topic as the informational matrix was the missing link to the understanding of many phenomena which were until now considered wrongly either energetic or spiritual.


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  1. Hi Kiran,

    Correct me if I don’t understand, but when I look at you picture of the 4 levels of creation I get the feeling it should be a circle. I feel consciousness is directly linked to matter and then there is no beginning or end it just is and goes round and round.

    best whishes,

    • Hi Yolanda

      I can give you examples for all connections drawn between the levels in this model…. but please you give me an example of consciousness influencing or being transformed into matter without first intention (information) influencing energy and subsequently energy moving/transforming matter…..