The Bio Field


The Bio Field

Never heard of the bio field? Actually you might have, without realizing what it means. In very simple terms, bio field is a kind of energy matrix that is surrounding and at the same time creating human form. It is not simply a spiritual thing but energy that directly impacts physical form of any person at the very core or DNA level. Interestingly enough, it is not just present among humans but around all kinds of living organisms. It is based on various frequencies and energy information.

Problem arises when people don’t truly understand the concepts. What is happening these days is that any notion or concept that people don’t understand is directly associated to energy, quantum effect or even frequencies. It allows everyone to feel like they know what it is that experts are talking about even though they may not really have an inkling if what is being talked about. The worst part, pseudo experts believe they can help anything with the help of frequency herbs, essential oils, crystals, sacred places etc. But what needs to be understood is that nonliving things cannot be used to measure human frequencies.

We completely agree that living things give off magnetic energies and frequencies. What saddens and to a certain extent scares us is how people have start claiming that energetic fields can be recorded and measured with the help of crystals and herbs and other such things.

But for you to become clear about what bio field is, let us look at the definition again. Bio field is a new kind of scientific force that emanates from a living being. It can be observed on various kinds of electronic machines created through science like EEG, EKG, and MRI etc. But keep in mind that even though the machines can detect the presence of the frequencies, the concept of who is controlling these energies has as yet not been answered.

The bio field is neither pushing nor pulling against a being as electrostatic force does or gravity does. Instead it simply exists like a covering around the physical form, penetrating till the end in order to affect the physical structure. The nature of the field is nothing like that of heat, electrical, gravitational or magnetic. Since it is nothing like the energies that we are familiar with, exactly how can we claim to be able to record or even understand it fully? This in itself answers the question that bio field is a new domain that still needs work before any concrete conclusions can be derived. They are still theories that are being practiced and experimented about.

Is it possible that bio field is a different kind of magnetism? Research suggests that it is at least a 100 times more powerful than magnetic field in a living being. But does that mean that devices sold are able to measure and record this bio field? We feel that there are too many frauds in the market and people, who don’t truly understand the concept, get cheated.

The only argument being made here is this, yes bio field is a part of living beings, but it is not present in inorganic substances until and unless they already have some kind of radioactivity. This is the reason why things like herbs or crystals or essential oils cannot heal through bio field and save you from diseases like cancer. These are false claim that you will notice once you have already spent thousands of dollars.

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