The Biological Magnetism


The Biological Magnetism

Biological magnetism or biomagnetism is a process whereby living organisms give off magnetic fields. Even though there aren’t any proper proves that can accurately pinpoint its existence, biological magnetism exists, and it is what leads to the idea of bio field. It is present at the very basic or molecular level, which is why there has been such a slow rate of progression and discovery. Experts have found evidences that biomagnetism exists, but they still haven’t been able to completely prove it. The concept basically comes from bioelectromagnetics, a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their relation and interaction to electromagnetic fields.

And this is where LaesEr Bioresonance comes into the picture. It helps in getting touch with your biological magnetism, thereby helping you find your bio field. And one you are able to reach that level you will be able to attain health through energy healing and information medicine.


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