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Due to its hologramic nature, combined with a spiritual approach, CoRe becomes an independent entity with spectacular potential, giving life to a fascinating universe with versatile intercommunication in which processes and systems are synchronised.

Information is the most important and most enigmatic property of nature. The concept of communication on the informational level surpasses our imagination. The recondite attempts to understand the nature of informational field access by the philosophers of antiquity, the scholars in the Middle Ages, and the modern scientist, possessing a knowledge of sciences and the experience of their history, have proven fruitless. Probably this occurs because information fields involve the most profound and completely unknown properties of our universe.

This holographic space, in which all systems and processes are interconnected through the information levels, could be called the “The CoRe Space”. This space needs to be considered as a spiritual space, nothing at all to do with the left brain oriented Euclidean Space or the Einstein-Minkowski Space.

CoRe space can’t be measured using Newtonian based physics. CoRe space must be seen as a space where the active properties of information cause creative spiritual processes.

Information is not just present in a field (like Sheldrake explains), but “flows” into every system. Information possesses a certain quality creating a difference in causes from effects. It is this property that determines the difference in the CoRe space, before and after a treatment.

Causes and results are thus separated in the CoRe space. It is comparable to a situation in which you open a window, and a fraction later, in the same space (read: room), a door slams, due to the air-current that has been created, or a vase falls from a table due to the slam of the door, all of these being unexpected effects of 1 single cause. Next time you open the window may be nothing happens in the room. This example just to show what I mean by information is flowing into a system, and how cause and effect are slightly separated in the CoRe Space.

However, all this can only happen in an open system, in other words the CoRe Space must be an open system. In a closed system such as for example a school class or a workgroup, where the processes are fixed and well defined, mostly nothing creative can be done with the received information (how strange this may seem!). something new is only created when the system opens up, and new information can “flow” into the CoRe Space.

Our Radionic experimental results over the years have shown that the organising property of information exerts an important influence on systems. Therefore it is not surprising that this “Informational – Spiritual” entity has been missed in most of our scientific knowledge systems. Information is distributed everywhere in nature (the open CoRe Space) and only spiritual goggles to find out where it is stored are needed.

What happens in the CoRe Space can be defined as a “Universal Interaction of information and spirituality”, an interaction, embracing the whole material world.

In traditional terms (to satisfy the left brain oriented readers) Information can create an angular momentum as well as internal tensions in a system, causing Energy changes. This transmission of energy within the CoRe space has the following very important property: Such a transmission is instantaneous. This circumstance follows from the most general concepts concerning information. Information in the universe is not propagated but appears immediately everywhere. In the CoRe Space the entire universe is projected in one point.

Just feel good in the CoRe Space!

Willy De Maeyer


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  1. An additional perspective related to your idea that causes and results are separated in the CoRe space and that information possesses a certain quality creating a difference in causes from effects, a property that determines the difference in the CoRe space, before and after a treatment, is that this quality or property is a type of information that  interacts with the ‚conditions’ (circumstances) that separates and at the same time connects causes and results.

    The result of a tree-seed that grows is a tree. The seed is only a potential cause and it becomes a result, a grown tree, only if the ‚right’ conditions are also present. Without earth, water and sun, the seed will not become a tree. The cause remains a potential. Causes, results and conditions are denominations that conventionally describe a process we are used to see as our reality. When does a seed stop being a seed to become a tree?

    In the comparison you made, I can see that the door slams or a vase falls from a table as results of 1 cause – the air-current coming through the open window. At the same time, for this result to happen, the door needs to be open and the vase on the table, the current of air to be strong enough and maybe also coming from the right direction. These are some of the possible conditions that are at play in that cause-results process. If the conditions are not there, nothing happens. A door has always the potentiality to be slamed, and the vase to fall. This potentiality will manifest – becoming result – when both the cause and the ‚conditions’ are there.

    To my understanding, when we work with CoRe, the window is opened by a DLE moment in the informational system of the client and the ‚right’ type of information can flow in. However, if the ‚conditions’ are not there, nothing happens as a result of the treatment. This is, I think, another possible description on why CoRe is not the cause of healing, why if healing happens that is a co-incidence, and why DLE is the essential factor.

    snail or tree

    in friendship,